Recent Innovations in Medical Technology in Aid of Medical Science

Medical technology has been around ever since man learned the use of tools in treating diseases. His endless desire to combat sickness helped this technology to evolve continuously up to the present moment. It has in fact grown to become a $140 billion industry in the United States alone, and it has benefited millions of lives in countless ways.


The use of technology in medical endeavors has helped people live a life of good health and purpose. Even individuals who suffer chronic pain, illness or disability can now look forward to living a life that’s close to normal with the use of modern medtech devices. These recent innovations of technology show proof how medical technology helps people:


Coronary Stents


These are artificial tubes doctors use to keep arteries open during the treatment of cardiovascular disease. This miracle gadget has reduced the number of heart attack fatalities by about 50%.


Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator


Known as the “pacemaker” in layman’s term, it is a small device that doctors implant in persons who are highly at risk of cardiac arrest. However small, it has the capability to increase a person’s chances of surviving a heart attack by up to 98%.


Accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring


Diabetes is a nasty degenerative disease that kills people slowly but surely, and it has become more prevalent recently especially in developed economies. The relentless work of medical scientists and technologists to combat the disease has led to the development of a very accurate blood glucose monitoring technology. It allows diabetics to monitor their blood sugar level on a daily basis. This capability enables diabetes sufferers to manage their condition effectively and reduce the risks brought about by complications of high levels of sugar in the blood including nerve damage and blindness.


Minimally-Invasive Surgery


This new technique has greatly helped people who suffer from aneurysm. The less-invasive surgical procedure allows sufferers to recover within four weeks. Before the new surgical technique and tool were introduced, recovery time using the older procedure can take up to more than a year.


Endometrial Ablation


This is another innovation in medical technology. It is an alternative to hysterectomy, a surgical operation that is used to remove the uterus or a part of it. The old procedure takes a healing process of about eight weeks. The new procedure needs only two to four days healing time.


Other Benefits of Medical Technology


The role of medical technology in the treatment of diseases may be overshadowed by medical science, but it has greatly helped the medical field in giving patients a second chance at life. Moreover, it has significantly reduced the hospital stays of patients. It has even changed some treatment classification from patient-in to patient-out care, giving patients substantial cost savings.


It is important for medical professionals to be updated of the latest developments in medical science and technology. For this reason, they should always take part in medical device conferences that are conducted annually. This can certainly help to give their career a boost and enable them to give sick individuals better chances of recovery.


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