Reasons why Some People are Targets for Bullying

Bullies are not tough at all. Take note. Most bullies will bully in groups and watch who their targets are. A lot of people perceive that certain people are pushovers and vulnerable but not aware of the tools the individuals may have. Target the wrong person and there could be war. Some are perceived to be loners but watch out. There’s others who may remain quiet but observe and due time they’ll let their presence be known. Attack God’s people and be prepared for the wrath. 

Bullies are insecure unstable and reckless. They’re really angry at themselves. Wanting to control others behind a computer or far away but rarely do bullies attack one on one. Some will but most will gather in a group and spill out their anger. Especially towards the ones who are rising or who have risen. They’re hate can not stop a person from achieving and that’s why they’ll become angry. Begging for the individuals to stop. 

The sad thing is a lot of individuals are suppose to protect others will allow and engage in such behavior. Bullies can be a home, in schools, on work sites. They’re certainly online. Hiding behind their computers and spilling out their venom. Sounds pretty brave huh? Not even a “face to face” to say what’s on their minds. That’s how bullying works. Targeting a certain group of people. That’s what racism is. A form of bullying. Instilling fear and the fear is the means to the control. 

The hate has been around for a long time but hate will never ever solve a single problem. So all the attacks and threatening messages are useless. There’s saying, “What Goes Around Comes Around.” True. Reaping and sowing. So bullies are opening doors to reap and they will. There’s no reason slavery should’ve occurred. Slavery was the severe case of bullying. 

A lot bullies feel they’re getting away with their behavior but they’re not. It’s obvious they’re not happy people so perhaps at home or wherever they are. There’s something going on and they’re difficulties dealing with it. Angry at the world or just angry they haven’t “achieved” as much as they could have. Wanting others to stop dreaming because they’re incapable of doing so. Bullying is for cowards. 

Sit down with the person or persons and “express” the same views online offline. A face to face communication. Seems too bold huh? Hatefulness and envy as well as greed all can play parts when bullying is taking place. Haters bully and sometimes they’ll be bold enough to come face to face. A lot of times bullies won’t fight their own battles. They’ll send what they perceive as vulnerable ones to do their dirty work. 

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