Reasons why stereotyping is terrible


You see a bulky black guy, walking down the street shirtless with a bandana. What is the first thing you think it would be? If you believe that it is a gangster, it may not just be a gangster. The person could have been taken in to captivity and be tortured, given a disease to force him to wear a bandana, so he doesn’t infect anybody with it. Lastly, he could have been whooped with a belt, with the reason that he ends up sagging. That was literally all from my imagination, but why would the guy be classified as a gangster over what he looks like? but this article will explain why stereotyping may or may not be as effective. But first…

Common Stereotypes

The most common stereotype is the black person. And known to love fried chicken, skinny white girls, and don’t forget watermelons. Stereotypes have been around for a very long time, more likely before that it was even a term! For us, it is a way to classify a group of people without having to know them. Stereotypes can be good, and bad such as Asians always being better at everything they end up doing. Bad stereotypes, such as Mexicans always committing crime. I would really get annoyed if someone constantly think that Indians like raw food.

Why can’t we stereotype?

When you stereotype, and depending on what that is, is just being unfair to others. Do you think that just because one man ate a hot dog, that everyone that has similarities to that person apparently loves hot dogs? Or if you see a group of Asians eating ramen, would you think that all of them do that? I could find an Asian that doesn’t eat rice, or a Caucasian that doesn’t eat hot dogs. And the fact that everyone is really unique in their own way, and no one is the same at all. So there would easily be no point in stereotyping people when nobody is the same.


Stereotypes will definitely be here forever. You can’t really do anything about fixing it, unless you just go ahead and kill everyone in the world. Stereotyping is also helpful, where to expect the behavior of many animals. So you can say that stereotyping isn’t always for humans. With stereotyping being a neutral term, I guess we are going to have to deal with it. Do you believe that stereotyping is a great thing, or a very terrible idea?

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