Reasons a pen is superior to a pencil.


Some people really do question why do I use a pen instead of an ordinary pencil, or even a mechanical one. This article will explain definitely why I believe that a pen is actually more superior than a pencil.



Since the ink is mostly liquid, it can glide around the paper, depending on that type of pen. So, this means you could get paper done a little bit faster than your average pencil. So with that, it is a great reason why pens are greater than pencils. However, take note this is not the only perk that pens have against regular pencils. What amazes me is that even an average pen can be greater than a mechanical pencil. But, these speeds are varied, on each person. Most are faster with a pen, or a pencil.



Pens can come in many varieties. Some things can be changed from their ink color to the model. Pencils, are usually standard, and have little variety. Mechanical pencils are step-ups, where they can modify certain things about it. Pens are very diverse, when it comes to what kind it is. It may be a basic BIC pen, or even a advanced pen that can record and be perfect for doing art! There are so many things you can make a pen do, that it makes no sense at all!



Pens have a strong durability! You may have to switch cartridges a few times before it could be worn out. (extra thing is that the ink can last for a very long time.) A pencil, however can easily be broken into half with just your bare hands. And, if you were to drop it tip-first, you have a chance of actually breaking the lead of the pencil. Once that happens, you have to get a sharpener, or a new pencil. This can happen to a mechanical pencil, if it is weak. It only happens to a pen when its frame is very weak. If a mechanical pencil were to be dropped enough times, it could easily shatter to pieces.



I pick pens over pencils, as you can see on this article. But really, pens also have their defects. Especially when there is ink poisoning and points where the ink can easily bleed out. If you were to make a mistake on paper, you either use a chemical to wipe that off, or you just scratch it off. There are some minimal flaws, and major flaws for both of them. But I would love to ask you this question. What would you rather use? A pen or a pencil?


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