Reaping and Sowing What Does it Mean

“The Reaping and the Sowing”

Some may not be familiar with the bible term “Reaping and Sowing.” For some it may sound like some sort of term used by those who have no idea what they’re talking about. Well, the bible addresses reaping and sowing, the bible lets people know that what one dishes out one can expect back. Whether good or bad. Of course things will occur even when people are doing things right but when one reaps badly. They’re to expect that bad reaping to come back and sometimes stronger than whet they’ve dished out. The living God doesn’t lie. He’s a faithful God and will discipline accordingly. No one is immune from being disciplined. 

The Discipline Will Come

When people cause harm. There’s no need to fret because they’ll receive what’s promised and for some. They may not see what those who cause harm receive. Just thinking about the harsh discipline that the Living God can inflict is something that should make everyone want to turn away from evil but unfortunately that’s not the case. Some prefer to cause problems for others simply because they’re so unhappy with their lives. Some want others to feel the same. They’re thoughts may not be on what they’re doing but God has written the acts down and He never forgets what we’ve done.

No Asking of Forgiveness Means no Forgiveness

Some aren’t concerned about asking for forgiveness and anyone who thinks that they’re in a position to take God’s place is absolutely insane. No man or woman can do what the Living God can do and no man or woman can do what Jesus can do. Through their devious acts. God observes and in His time He will administer the discipline that He sees fit. Just considering what hell is like can be enough to deter some away from the evil deeds. We’ve all done things that aren’t pleasing to God but some continue their devious acts and never even consider asking for forgiveness.

God Doesn’t Want People to Avenge Themselves

God never wants anyone to avenge themselves. He will seek out the necessary discipline and for some the discipline will be extra harsh. Especially for those in the pulpit. They’re the ones that are suppose to be teaching others about the word of God and they’re suppose to be the sheep and teh congregation is the flock. Unfortunately they’ll fall victim to Satan’s antics. Anyone can choose to use trickery. Some do so so that they have control of their victim or victims. 

The Living God Disciplines 

For those who try to punish others for things they may feel deserves punishment. They’re going about things wrong. Mankind isn’t suppose to avenge. That’s God’s job and too many people think that they’re immune from discipline from God because they’ve felt as if the job is done through their own hands. Doesn’t work that way. Once we’ve reaped. We’re in the process of sowing. If there’s bad sowing then we’re to expect some stern reaping.

No Deed Goes Unnoticed  

So many may feel as if they’re getting away with their unjust deeds but in time the discipline will occur and sometimes when one is expected the discipline. Life could be grand and then all of a sudden a big wave of discipline comes rolling in. Those who continuously taunt and harass others. They’ll face their day of reaping. It may not be today but through God’s promises the reaping will occur. 

“The Goodness That Surrounds Each and Every Soul Should be Cherished.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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