Are we ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Are we ready for the zombie apocalypse?
Some people definitely have feared this event, some were scared to the point that they prayed every night it wouldn’t happen! It may, or may not happen, but the real question is, are we ready for it? I actually believe that we are ready, but their numbers increase when our numbers decrease, which is an amazing advantage for them. So, I will go in depth on why we are actualyl ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Using weapons
I believe that the average human can easily kill five zombies before they die, and many people can actually kill more than that. The military can easily cleanse of the problem when they find out the first outbreak. Besides, the outbreak can only spread fast if it was manually done, instead of one person to the next. However, this won’t be a walk in the park, as there are many of those zombies, and I believe that my country (US) actually carry 210 bullets of ammunition with them. So that means if everyone one of them was a head shot, and with only 10 soldiers, is 2,100 zombies dead!

How hard would it be to defeat the zombies?
When you realize it, it all depends on the mutation of the zombies. We think of them as slow, so that would mean that it would be a piece of cake for a military unit to take them down, or even a regular person! But since they are strength in numbers, it would be more like facing against a riot of sick people, that bite and are cannibals. But yet, the problem is they can’t leave a single zombie standing, not even an incapacitated zombie! Yet though, if it is possible to retrieve the sickness without a zombie and not from a person, the place would more likely be quarantine.

Zombies advantage
Like I said, how taking down one of our numbers increase or doesn’t increase at all. Saying they have speed, or strength mutations, it could be as difficult as Iraq! And if that were to happen, you would have to bombard the whole place to rid of the zombies. Also, there are family members that find one of their own infected, they will not leave them behind or kill them, but rather be eaten by them. That isn’t really a good idea in general, but it isn’t easy letting go loved ones.
Civilian advantage
The civilians can use whatever they have to defend themselves. You are very likely to find home that contains at least one weapon, more likely a knife. With some people that actually have gun collections, there are also chances people have armories, where they may have more ammo than their average military unit. With the amount of food they would already have, they could live longer than a soldier, depending on how they handle the zombie apocalypse situation.

Therefore, it is really possible for us to survive the apocalypse. Although, we can really mess up badly, to the point where it is all over the world, and the only thing we could do is survive. So really, how would you survive in the apocalypse, or what would you do during it? And also, would you kill your own family member to make sure that no one else dies in your family? And lastly, what two things would you carry with you during a zombie apocalypse? Overall, even if the zombie apocalypse happens, I will definitely try to survive through it!

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