Read a Book…Be Whoever You Want to Be

I started to read at an early age and found out that I could curl up in a corner and slip into a world that didn’t include living somewhere I hated or mean old stepfathers. My mother married my stepfather when I was four years old. I didn’t like him because my young mind saw him as taking my mom away from me.

I never knew my real dad, so I didn’t realize that families were supposed to include a father figure, as it had always just been me and my mother.  All I knew was that this person moved me away from the grandparents and large family I lived with to an unfamiliar, scary place that I hated.

Books opened up a whole new world to me. My young imagination envisioned that I was that happy child in a story I was reading. I saw myself living out those great adventures and fun times through the words on the pages as I eagerly turned them.

We didn’t have a lot of money, so we never got to go on trips or do fun things. I saw myself as the unwanted stepchild that was just in the way and I believed that my stepfather saw me the exact same way. Those books I read gave me the loving, happy childhood I so desperately wanted.

Read a book

You can read yourself right into a fantasy land

As I got older, I discovered an author named Victoria Holt. That was my maiden name, so I began to envision that she was actually a relative and I read everything she wrote that I could get my hands on. She wrote a lot of historical mysterious and it was quite easy to envision myself in those settings, playing the heroine of the story.

I used to get chided for spending so much time reading, instead of being outside playing or doing something else. Instead of stopping my love of books, that just drove me further into the magical world those pages created for me. Why live my life when I could have such a great adventure just by opening a book?

I have never given up my love of reading and letting myself slip between the pages to join the story line. To this day, when the world seems to be too much to bear, I’ll curl up with a book and turn page after page, letting myself get lost in a fantasy life while I leave my own life behind for just a bit.

I truly believe that getting lost in the pages of a book has helped me to cope with some of the things life throws at you. I believe it is what has inspired my love of writing as well. I got through some pretty emotional times in my life by either reading something someone else wrote, or by penning my own fantasy stories.

Books can bring you knowledge or entertain you. Sometimes they can even save you from a world you don’t want to be in at the moment. For me, they have done all three…

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