Rapper vs. the R&B Artist

Rappers battle with one another. For some it’s just business but for others their disagreements are quite personal. Whether the battle is on a business or personal level. There will be the competition. The competition with different genres. Although the individuals may be in the same industry. There will be some competitiveness. Not always taken seriously. Some of the battling is just for fun. Waiting to see who’s the rapper and who’s the R&B artist. Down Below.

Tupac Shakur All Eyez on Me (Clean Version)



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Usher Scream 

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It’s as if the artists come from different worlds. One being a rapper and the other a singer and entertainer. Different musical styles, “Different backgrounds,” Different genres. One who performs on stage with background singers, dancers, and musicians. The other performs with energy and can be a bit explicit. Which one. Well most likely the rapper. However the rapper is quite amazing. Just listen to the lyrics and the rapper is a poet. It’s really up to the audience, the fans, different taste. 

Imagine a rapper and an R&B artist battling on stage. Would be interesting to see. There are R&B artist who can connect with rappers. A lot of the music played today will include rappers. Some can add value to an album and sometimes there’s no connection at all. Some may take battling serious and sometimes the competition can get out of hand. “Producers” as well as song writers will compete as well. There’s competition in every arena. 

Not all rap music seems to have what the fans are looking for. Some rappers can go into the studio and produce a hit and then there’s times when it appears as if the lyrics didn’t quite connect. The same goes for R&B and Pop artists. They’re always putting together the best lyrics. Different worlds but how would the entertainers fair with having to be on stage competing? Just a thought. 

There’s always some form of competition going on. Sometimes an R&B artist will become frustrated with having to compete with individuals from different genres. There’s no way of getting around the competition. In fact some artist will compete with producers as well as “song writers.” Some may feel as if they’re on top of their game but the fans are the ones who decide if they’re on top or not. If they’re good of course there’s nothing wrong with ‘expressing” how talented some are but for some they’ll become big headed and need a wake up call. 

There’s not only competition within the music industry. Some artist will compete with others who aren’t even in the industry. The battles continue. No matter what’s going on there will be some who will continuously be in competition. Wanting “to be the best” at all times. No person will be the best all the time. There will be times when the music simply isn’t clicking. Not coming together the way that it should. 

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