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Thoughts of work can make you tear your hair out. Stress compounds because you cannot finish the work, and you cannot become more productive no matter how you try.

Fortunately, those who are better at the game of productivity are willing to share a few tips and tricks. To add, if a lack of productivity concerns you, make up your mind to forgo the habits that slow your work rate.

The secrets of productive people

Highly productive people have useful suggestions to  raise your productivity level. Their secrets are never too closely guarded, because they are aware that generosity and a willingness to share increases productivity. Conversely, they seek support when they need it, and are happy to change their perspectives so that they can improve themselves. Action is their best teacher.

They let go of a need for specific results. Productive people know that it is not possible to hit their desired  targets all the time. They do so in stages, and are not exacting about results. They take calculated risks when necessary, and never take themselves too seriously.

These people care about those they reach out to. They relate with them on a personal level, and have a personal attachment to their work.

Some unproductive habits

To add, there are unproductive habits that they have learned to let go of.

They readily omit distractions that stand in the way of their work. Productive people put the television, food pantry and, if necessary, computer, aside. These people do not procrastinate. They take on tasks even if they are not aware of all the surrounding circumstances.

Productive people do not set unreachable goals, because they know that they will never reach them. They set targets that are attainable, and know how to manage difficult tasks by breaking them up. They avoid multitasking, because it robs them of focus. These folks take breaks when necessary, because they need to recharge like everyone else.

Productive people never make the mistake of over-committing. They say “no” to projects when they do not have the resources to see them through. They make certain how much they should do.

Productive people are not afraid to take on tasks that are challenging. They embrace failure, because they know that it teaches important lessons.

Results, and not credit, are first on their minds. Productive people will complete their tasks for the greater good. They know that effort eventually reaps rewards. 

Anyone can emerge a winner in the  game by relying on a few expert tips and avoiding bad productivity habits.


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