Racist attack catapulted Aboriginal Girl to be crowned Queen

Little Girl subjected to vile attack

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Irresponsible people who think the race they belong to are far more superior than others, hurl invectives which do harm than good. This happens lately at a children’s Disney event in Melbourne.

Lining up for two hours for a children’s snow pit, a 3-year old aboriginal girl from Ballarat, Samara, clad as Queen Elsa from the animated film “Frozen”, while waiting with her Mother Rachel Muir, was viciously attacked, verated and called names by a Mom and her 2 daughters who pulled out from the same queue behind them.

The woman grimaced and at the top of her voice taunt at the innocent Samara telling her she’s not fitted to be Queen Elsa because of the black coloring of her skin.

One of her daughters poked a finger at Samara’s face, telling her she was “black” and “black is ugly.”

Samara cupped her hands to hide her face inside and cried. She fully understand and feel the racial slur penetrate deep into her being.

The world noticed Samara’s plight

Letters and all forms of social media communications in support flooded Samara’s home when her story was published in The Courier on June 13.

Activist and a respected singer-rapper and himself a cultural minority Adam Briggs  called up Samara’s family and offered the child the star role of his new film clip, after digesting Samara’s story online.

Samara is slated to play the young Cathy Freeman in his recent music video.

Tons of words and messages of support and encouragement came in

The outpouring of attention, kindness and love that had been sent had overwhelmed and shocked them.

“I didn’t think people would care so much,” Mrs. Muir said.

There are evenings Mrs. Muir would be up till the wee hours of the night reading vast numbers of Facebook messages sent by kind-hearted people worldwide.

From Mexico, India and the United Kingdom as Samara’s plight left tracks around the world, people have sent in their sentiments contained in more than 200 messages.

Mrs. Muir said she can’t express in exact words the impact of the kind gestures people have shown to them. She just thought it would be a story people would take for granted and forget.

To know that she has touched so many lives; that they can really see and understand Samara’s wounded pride, how Mrs. Muir see and understand her, is just incredible.

Samara survived the ordeal till she was crowned Queen Elsa of Australia

Samara knows all about the messages by heart as her mom Mrs. Muir had assumed the responsibility and pains of letting her know the contents of the messages appropriate to her age level.

After every message Samara would smile and say “thank-you your majesty,” Mrs. Muir said.

Then “She is back to her proud, beautiful Aboriginal self.”

Letters to condemn the vile attack have likewise been received including one from a mother and her daughters in Western Australia, who said they “wanted to tell Samara how beautiful she is.”

Samara’s tale was made known to the judges in Adelaide, and to add glamour to a Facebook competition, she was aptly crowned Queen Elsa of Australia.

Ref.: http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/3153415/world-crowns-samara-queen-after-vile-attack/?cs=62

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