Quality PLR Content Does Not Need to Be Re-Written


If you are not familiar with the term PLR content, it stands for private label rights. Private label rights content is usually text based and it is sold to many people for a much lower price than original content. Most people re-write it or hire someone to re-write it so that it is not seen as duplicate content by the search engines.

There are other ways to use PLR materials that does not involve rewriting though! By using some of these techniques can get affordable content that will benefit your audience.

Here are 7 ways you can use private label right content without having to hire someone to change or having to alter it yourself:

  1. Turn it into and audio file. Most people stick with written content but audio content can be a nice change of pace for your customers. You can use them on a web site, your blog, or in an email list. You could even make it part of a membership site.
  2. Make a video. With your PLR text you have a great script for a video. Sites like YouTube make it easier than ever to make videos that can go viral and that’s good for your business. Get out your web cam and use your PLR text as a guide.
  3. Creat a PowerPoint presentation and put it on SlideShare.com. Once you’ve put it on SlideShare you can easily embed it on your web site or send the link to your email list. Make sure to add some attractive pictures and graphs or charts to make it more interesting.
  4. Build and awesome Prezi presentation. Prezi is similar to PowerPoint but it is more interactive and has an even bigger visual impact. It’s fun to watch and your audience will enjoy learning something new with Prezi.
  5. Use it as it on your email list. When you have an email list you need to keep your subscribers interested and engaged with relevant content. If you buy enough quality PLR articles, you can fill up an autoresponder so that you don’t even have to think about what you are going to send your email list next.
  6. Create an infographic. Inforgraphics are very popular today and they are likely to go viral. They get pinned on Pinterest, tweeted on Twitter, and shared on Facebook over and over again.
  7. Create an ebook or a report. Put several pieces of PLR together to make a report or ebook that you can use to reach new followers and clients. Send it to your email list, make it available on Facebook, and encourage others to share it. Make sure your web site url is on every page and include an About Me section at the end so people can find you when they want to know more.


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