Quality Caviar for an Elegant Wedding Reception

Are you seeking quality caviar for an elegant wedding reception? It is a must for those who want the best. If you or your client want the finest of everything, consider these ideas for a gourmet caviar bar. Those who love the flavor and texture of caviar can tell the difference between cheaper varieties and silky-smooth flavorful high-quality types. Do not try to pass off cheap inferior types at your special event. Consider the following top-quality caviar for a wedding reception. You can select overnight delivery and provide guests with an amazing taste-tempting treat. A wedding celebration is one of the most important life events, and the food should reflect the occasion.  

Ideas for Your Caviar Bar

When seeking unique ideas for a caviar bar, consider using a lighted ice sculpture as a decorative container for keeping it sufficiently chilled. Place each variety in an elegant crystal bowl along with caviar spoons for serving the delectable morsels. Traditional mother of pearl caviar spoons are ideal. Metal should never be used. It is also important to include decorative place cards to announce the variety, especially if you plan on serving more than one. Black calligraphy on gold card stock would brilliantly highlight the individual types. When seeking quality caviar for an elegant wedding reception, the presentation should be as impressive as the product.

Osetra is the Best Caviar for an Elegant Wedding Reception

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Osetra Malossol is an Exceptional Variety

If you want top-shelf caviar for a wedding, consider Osetra Classic Caviar Malossol in 16-ounce containers. It comes from the Caspian Sea, and the flavor is exquisite. It has a nutty buttery piquancy. When the tongue meets the palate, you will realize that it is a high-end type. As you can see from the product photo, it has a beautiful light brown to golden jade hue. The small to medium grains are perfectly round, and they burst with flavor on the tongue. It is ultra-silky, and it possesses the quality that is expected at an elegant wedding reception. Guests will remember the food and beverages as well as the atmosphere, and Osetra Malossol is a top favorite. Since the caviar is delivered overnight, it is guaranteed fresh.


How Much Caviar Should I Buy for Guests?

Quality caviar for an elegant wedding reception will not impress anyone if it disappears too fast. It is important to keep the bowls sufficiently filled, and knowing how much to buy in advance is vital. Keep in mind the number of servings in an ounce of caviar. You will have approximately 20 quarter-teaspoon servings. Do you need to know how much caviar for 1000 guests? If you plan on having 1,000 guests it would be wise to purchase the Four Pound Container of Osetra Classic Caviar Malossol. Distinguished guests know that it is rude to eat more than two servings that are ¼-teaspoon in size, but hosts know that it is in poor taste to run out while the food is still available.

Caviar for an Elegant Wedding Reception is Best Delivered Overnight

It is a good idea buy high-quality caviar with overnight delivery for your elegant wedding reception. Keep the following in mind regarding the quality and price. There are two distinct reasons why you should consider quality caviar for an elegant wedding reception. A thought-provoking statement sums it up. 

“To give caviar is to honor the recipient. To serve caviar is to honor the guest” – Author Unknown

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