Quality Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain

Are you seeking a quality acupressure pillow for neck pain? If someone told you to lie on a bed of nails to relieve your pain, would you give it a try? It sounds like quackery or torture, but you can find relief using holistic treatments. Stimulating pressure points releases natural pain-relieving endorphins, and it increases circulation to specific areas. Muscles that were tense naturally become relaxed, and pain melts away along with anxiety and stress. It can make a tremendous difference!

It Can Help Ease Headaches Too

Many people that suffer from neck pain also have really bad headaches. I have cervical spinal stenosis, and I regularly suffer from headaches and excruciating neck aches. I have tried many self-help products and techniques, and I have spent hundreds of dollars in an attempt to avoid surgery. They all help to some degree, but nothing worked as well as self-applied acupressure. I bought what I consider a quality acupressure pillow for neck pain, and I am sharing my findings with others who are suffering.    

The Best Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain

It’s a Quality Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain

You can find cheap copycat pillows online, but they are a complete waste of money. My dad ordered a cheap version of the original Bed of Nails pillow, and he was disappointed. It looked similar in the photos, but it was not the same as mine. It was a cheap knockoff, and it did not work as promised. The others are not shaped exactly the same, and the ones that I have tried are not nearly as comfortable. It is worth the extra expense to buy the Original Bed of Nails Pillow. It is by far the best that I’ve found so far. 

The Best Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain

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I use my acupressure pillow for several minutes each night before I fall asleep. I also use it during the day when I start feeling tension and pain coming on. It has saved me from suffering countless times, especially when the tension and pain is brought on by anxiety and stress. I meditate on a tranquil place, and I am able to clear my mind and body of pain-inducing tension. Without the pillow, it would not be the same. I have fallen asleep on mine.

How the Original Bed of Nails Pillow Feels Against the Neck

The original Bed of Nails Pillow is a quality acupressure pillow for neck pain. It works for me. You will be very surprised when you use it for the very first time. It might feel a little uncomfortable for the first five minutes, but after blood flow increases and muscles relax, you will not believe how great it feels and how well it works. I have become addicted to using it, and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from headaches, tension, and neck pain.

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