Psicobloc Mountain Climbing in Mallorca, Paklencia, Eastern Sierra, Krabi and Pollenca

Deep water solo climbs often end in the water. That is part of their nature. In a way, that helps to make them more attractive to people who are interested in rock climbing in Paklencia and the Hvar Islands in Croatia.

They may want to go rock climbing but want to experience a different feeling from the norm. So, for them, it doesn’t matter that psicobloc carries the added risk of ending up in the water. That is what makes it more exciting.


Psicobloc Mountain Climbing in Mallorca, Paklencia, Eastern Sierra, Krabi and Pollenca

Psicobloc Mountain Climbing in Mallorca, Paklencia, Eastern Sierra, Krabi and Pollenca


Of course, ending up in the water can be dangerous. While that may be part of the appeal of a deep water solo climb, athletes who want to participate in an activity like that, should, in my opinion, make sure they are really good swimmers. The water is dangerous but it also helps to protect athletes if they fall from difficult routes.


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Psicobloc is normally done on rock cliffs at high tide in places like Bishop, Eastern Sierra in the US state of California. Bouldering can take place near rivers, swimming pools and other water reservoirs as well.




The fact is, a climb in Krabi, Thailand can be strenuous. Krabi is much better for novices than other bouldering routes but there are never really any easy climbs. The physical exertion will put stress on your body and tax your muscles. You are likely to end up with sore muscles and joints. That means you won’t be at your freshest.

Not being fresh is a disadvantage when you are likely to hit cold water. It means that you don’t have as much energy to keep swimming. A thin wetsuit can help to prevent the cold from having as much of an impact on your body. Consider wearing a wetsuit if the water temperature is less than 14 degreees Celsius.




Going into the water after a period of climbing may feel refreshing for some but it can also shock you a little bit. It is best to prepare thoroughly for any challenge that you might face and never take any aspect of the climb for granted. Learning to fall correctly can help to prevent any injuries when you land in the water.

Deep water solo climbs take participants into a different environments, such as Pollenca in Mallorca, Spain. You enjoy the sound and sight of rushing water and when you reach the top, you get a view of the world that very few people ever get to see.

Psicobloc athletes who like the outdoors will often explore as many different locations as they can, in order to see more of the world and experience the beauty of creation in as many ways as they can.



Climbers who have established a reputation also receive other benefits. For example, psicobloc athletes who represent the North Face are rewarded professionally for what they enjoy. That is a big plus. However there are many people who never reach the level where they are sponsored by a fashion or outdoor gear company to go around the world doing what they love.

Safety rules that should be observed include making sure you have a partner with you. If you fall the impact can knock you out. It helps to have someone there who can help if you lose consciousness. Climbers also opt to have a dinghy with them. This way, if they are knocked unconscious after a fall, they can be quickly taken out of the water.


Psicobloc In Krabi


Water workouts help to tone every area of your body. This helps with most activities, including psicobloc. If you do muay thai or other martial arts, working out in the water will help you. It also helps increase your stamina, strength and flexibility for sports such as skiing, hiking and kayaking.

Swimming a few days a week is a good way to stay fit and burn calories. However doing these deep water workouts also targets and tones specific muscle groups. Even if you do similar moves to the ones that you normally do at the gym when you’re on dry land, you definitely burn more calories. This is because water provides more resistance than air so your muscles have to work harder.

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