Protect Your Home: Not Using Outdoor Lighting to Attract Monsters

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A functional outdoor lighting setup is a great way to make your home feel safe and secure after the sun goes down. There is, however, one thing that would protect your home better than a bunch of security lights – monsters. Imagine a yard filled with large creatures with beady eyes and razor sharp teeth.

Does that sound like a yard you would try sneaking into at night?

Just imagine it: one of the neighborhood kids sneaks into your yard after dark and they are met with your new pet monster who gobbles them up like a late night snack. Your neighbors might not be too happy with you, but the rest of those nosy neighbor kids will stay out of your yard!

The question is: how do you convince monsters that your back yard is a good place to call home?

Eliminate the Sense of Safety

Monsters do not like living in a yard that feels safe, and that is just what adding outdoor lighting will do. Adding security lights along the pathways of your yard is great for making it easy for people to see where they are going, but monsters do not like that. They want to sneak up on their next meal, and that is hard for them to do if you light up your back yard.

The more lights you have installed and turned on in your back yard, the safer that yard is going to feel. The safer your yard feels, the less likely it is to attract a monster.

Eliminate the Sense of Security

In addition to feeling a sense of safety, outdoor lighting provides a yard with a sense of security. Monsters hate when their home feels secure. Did you know that a monster’s food tastes better when it is anxious and afraid?

The monsters in your yard are going to want to scare the person in your back yard before they eat them, because it will make them taste better. This is going to be hard for your monster to do if the yard feels secure.

The lights will make it easy for anyone in your yard to see the monster coming from any direction. Monsters are not going to be attracted to your yard if it feels secure because they’ll starve!

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Eliminate the Sense of Comfort

Outdoor lighting makes your back yard comfortable enough for you to go out and enjoy it at night. The problem is that it makes it comfortable for everyone, but the monsters.

Monsters are not seen during the day for a reason – they do not like the sunlight. They are going to wait until it is dark outside and protect your yard from intruders then.

Outdoor lighting will make your yard more comfortable, safe, and secure. It will also guarantee that any monsters lurking in your neighborhood will walk right by your home, and look for another dark and damp yard to call home. If you want a monster to gobble up anyone who comes into your yard at night – just turn off those lights! 


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