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The thoughts of a peaceful Island where there’s absolutely no disturbances. There should be some good internet “connections.” The crystal clear water and the cool sand running between the toes of visitors. Only a few on the beach. Perhaps a cozy spot with some shade will do. What destination holds the clearest water and the best resorts? What a visualization. Would be nice to leave the chaos behind. Just travel around. No disturbances please. 

Here’s a Great Destination

Montego bay

Beautiful waters. Fun activities and cool water activities. Sounds inviting. A great destination to obtain some relaxation. Some fresh seafood and refreshing drinks. Perhaps an extended vacation. Sounds nice!

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Nassu Bahamas

Just the phrase “Welcome to the Bahamas” sounds catchy. Just imagine the fresh seafood right to the diners table. “Sounds good to me!” Tanikka Paulk. The fresh water and some Bahamian music. Kick back and watch the stars at night and the cool breezes. Oh what fun. Yes, there’s some fun water sporting going on in the Bahamas, just visualization alone is like a vacation. 

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Trinidad de Cuba

Absolutely gorgeous view. Imagine spending some time watching the blue sky and “sparkling” water. The breezes coming down and watching the birds make their way to the other side of the Island. Sounds pretty nice. A great way to just relax and ponder a bit. Vacationing is a luxury which shouldn’t be ignored. 

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With all the pressures within society. There should be some time set aside to vacation. Visit an Island with a 4 to 5 star resort and hang out with some of the visitors or not. Leave the room door open so the breezes can settle in. Catch some laughs with a friend or friends. Whatever takes place. Vacationers should enjoy their time on any “Island” of their choice. That’s what vacationing is all about. 

Enjoy the food and nightlife. Don’t just enjoy the beaches. Take some time out to sight see and experience some of the culture. Some are unable to vacation due to their demanding jobs. A vacation is a reward and a great way to relax. All stress relieved when sitting by the water and enjoying the coolness the breezes” generate.” If some visitors aren’t into the water activities then perhaps some shopping will do. 

By plane or cruise is the selections to the Islands. Some may choose a cruise because there’s plenty to do on a cruise. There’s also opportunities to get some shopping in. If some are up for a swim then there’s a pool on the cruise and perhaps a slide in on the water. Perhaps of a feeling of being a kid again. 

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