How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

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Usually we see wrinkles as a sign of aging and they starts appearing when skin loses its elasticity. As we age our skin becomes dryer and thinner, leading to the formation of wrinkles. But sometimes inadequate intake of vitamin C, overexposure to the sun and excessive smoking can cause premature wrinkles. Even day to day activities like walking in the sun or driving can cause sun damage and dry up your skin. And it becomes worse if you are a chain smoker. Excessive smoking can cause deformation of arteries, which reduces the ability of skin cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients as a result skin cells get dry. Moreover every cigarette you smoke consumes 30 mg of vitamin C, so if you are a chain smoker your body will get deprived of vitamins and hence your skin loses its elasticity. You definitely don’t want to look like your grandmother, so here are some tips which you can follow to prevent premature wrinkles.

  • As I stated above excessive smoking is really bad for your skin, if you want your face to be wrinkle free, then you better control your smoking habit otherwise sooner or later your face will become exactly like your grandmother’s and you will look 20-30 years older than your age.
  • Drink a glass of vegetable juice comprising of carrot, cucumber and beetroot or fruit juice that consist of orange and sweet lime every day. These juices provide your body with antioxidants like vitamin C and A that help prevent cellular damage to the cells.
  • Cleaning of your skin is important to avoid any skin problems and wrinkles, so keep your skin clean as much as you can. You can use milk to cleanse your skin as milk is a natural cleanser. Rub mashed tomato on your face, it can effectively clean large pores of your skin. Yes it may sounds like “yuk” but it’s a great way to clean your skin effectively.
  • Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Washing your face with soap could be a bad idea, soap can suck out all of the natural oil from your skin, use soap free face wash instead.
  • Prepare a mixture of crushed grapes and honey, make a paste and apply it to your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes and rinse. Grapes are a good source of alpha hydroxyl acid and collagen that help prevent premature wrinkles.
  • Exercise helps improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation means better availability of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Try eating things which are rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B helps in maintaining a healthy skin texture.
  • If you have dry skin, try eating a bowl of low fat curd for breakfast along with seven to eight almonds. Almonds are rich in nutrients which help skin to maintain its elasticity.

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