How to Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training

Enrolling for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh isn’t just about filling the heart with excitement. This is a common experience of aspirants who want to learn & then let others learn about the significance and benefits of Yoga. But the teacher training can be intense journey towards developing & not just entering into a healthy profession. On the other end, there are people who feel nervous while starting such training modules offered by professional instructors. Performing yogic exercises in routines is a change in itself to the usual mundane of life. And change of every kind brings uneasiness with it. Particular to the aspect of preparing mind, body & soul for Yoga training, here are some suggestions to make the journey of learning more comfortable:

Preparing for the Foundation

It is important to know well about the training program chosen for becoming a Yoga teacher. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh would be no less than a comprehensive learning course you get in any institution. Hence, it would be best to prepare by reading literature & magazines related to the Yoga training, about the possible training methods, the experience of those who have recently taken such training. It is better to accustom our minds with information of the upcoming tasks in Yoga training. It is all about adapting to a different life & making the training & practice a part of it. One can also start by performing asanas & maintaining postures even before the training starts. It will prepare the physical body for the training session.


For someone who wants to get Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh because of his admiration to a healthier life, training will be different from the lifestyle followed. For instance, the names of the asanas and yogic exercises to be practiced in Sanskrit will be different than the dialect used. Self preparations thus, become important as the trainer needs to keep track of his own knowledge & then teach others. Thinking about personal strength & weaknesses before joining a Yoga training program will help in learning things well. This way, it is possible to realize those weaknesses that have been ignored all the time & make required changes. The learner should trust the process for a better life as a Yoga teacher. Fears & doubts needs to be confronted and the expert instructors will help in that.

Learn from the Failures

It would be wrong to consider that there are no challenges while going through Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Along with physical work, there are psychological tests as well that the learner should pass. Going through the training & the tests involved is a form of skill assessment. Teaching skills are perfected with constant practice & realization of wrongs from failures. Expert Yoga instructors teach their students at several different levels, be it behavioral, physical or emotional. They also care for the progress made by their students in understanding Yoga as a health science. It’s more of a process than a one day act. Personal commitment to learn is important as well.

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