How to Prepare for a Cat in 5 Easy Steps

Preparing for a cat

Bringing a new cat into your family is an exciting occasion. The unique dynamic that each different personality possesses brings countless hours of joy and happiness. Preparing for a cat in your household, though, should be acted upon with full knowledge of what is necessary for your new family member.

With just a little bit of information anyone can be prepared for the joyous experience of owning a new cat. This article is a helpful primer for cat preparation and it will cover all the basics necessary for an efficient and happy transition.

Preparing for a cat

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The proper cat food

Despite the plethora of available cat food products on the market, you may be surprised that most of them are not very healthy. The foods found in general retail stores are especially loaded with fillers and added ingredients that will shorten the life of your cat.

These choices are equivalent to fast food for pets. The best food for your cat can be found in pet dedicated stores that are devoted to providing the finest health alternatives for your cat. The cost is higher but that fractional difference is worth knowing your cat will be healthy and live a long and active life.

Scratching posts and toys

Because cats have a natural tendency to scratch their claws on multiple surfaces, the last thing you want is shredded curtains and furniture. Cats, once aware of the post, will swiftly learn that it is the only place they are allowed to scratch with their nails. There are many different types of scratching posts you can purchase when preparing for a cat and their addition to your household will prove invaluable.

The toys your cat will play with can provide endless hours of fun for the family. Cats love fuzzy toys with erratic movements, dangling items, and will even happily wrestle with a feather duster. If your cat is susceptible, make sure to purchase catnip. The Humane Society says that 50 percent of cats are susceptible to this plant . Catnip is presumed to work as a pheromone, stimulating the cat to react in a myriad of amusing ways.

Litter box

During cat preparation you will also need a litter box. Cats, who want privacy in this matter, prefer litter boxes that are placed in inconspicuous areas. If you cannot do this, it’s best to procure a covered litter box so your cat will use it instead of some place under your bed or furniture.


Just like their human counterparts, cats require vaccinations, check-ups, and access to a medical practitioner in case of emergencies. Finding a suitable veterinarian close to your home is crucial to your pet’s health and longevity. When preparing for a cat, it’s best to find a veterinarian in advance. This way, you will know what is needed regarding their health maintenance and what to do in case of emergencies. If you live in a metropolitan area, there are often veterinarians that specialize in cats only, providing even greater assurance of proper care when needed.

Identification and transportation

When you pick up your cat it is a smart idea to have identification prepared for it. These little accessories contain pertinent contact information in case your cat gets lost. If you need one, most pet retail stores now have machines available that will make it while you wait in a matter of minutes. They come in fun varieties as well so that you can personalize your cat accordingly.

Along with purchasing identification during cat preparation, you should have a pet carrier already at hand as well. As with most pet accessories, there are many differing types and sizes of carriers available. You should have no problem finding a carrier that fits your needs. These are essential for emergencies and when your cat is due for a veterinary visit.

If you are preparing for a cat and have accomplished the suggestions in this list, you are well on your way to an easy transition period for your new pet. Once your cat arrives, you’ll find that ownership is much easier to experience right from day one. We hope we have answered some of the questions concerning how to prepare for a cat.

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