Preparation H For Wrinkles — Hmm, Really??


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I was talking with my brother not long ago about wrinkles and looking older. He said, “You know what the celebrities use don’t you?” I had no clue. He told me about using Preparation H, and it seriously grossed me out! lol :/

I told him that I didn’t think I could actually bring myself to use it.

However, the conversation brought me to start doing some research on it.

Sure enough, I read about it on a ton of websites…and so I thought, there must be something positive about using this stuff on your face. 😉

I started digging a little deeper and was surprised at what I found!

Throughout my searching online, what I saw basically was Peparation H was used for dark baggy eyes more than anything

Although, seems that the cream contains a yeast cell that’s called Bio-Dyne. However, today, that Bio-Dyne only exists in Canada. It was once found in the states not long ago. Studies have found that it does several things; and not just reduce wrinkles on the skin. 🙂

Further studies have found that Preparation H helps thicken skin and aids wound healing. Digging even deeper has proven that it’s also good for scars from surgery, bed sores, itching, and burns.

I had no idea this ointment helped with these issues, (not to mention wrinkles).

But, can it really work with puffiness and wrinkles for the long haul?

However, even after deeper studies, it has shown that using the cream for the wrinkles and eye puffiness is temporary. It temporarily reacts with restrictions of blood vessels. Eye puffiness is caused from under-the-eye swelling. Preparation H works for a little while and then the swelling always returns.

If the cream actually worked for the long haul, don’t you think it would line the beauty shelves in stores? Wouldn’t everyone have caught onto it by now…if it truly worked? I’d of course would be thrilled if it did, although it gives me chills at the thought of using it on my face. lol

There are still people that use this cream as a daily part of their skin care regimen, (mostly women of course). In theory, it does smooth the skin. But again, it’s indeed short lived. 🙁

I think I’ll continue to use my trustworthy Oil of Olay

Have you ever tried Preparation H on your face?

If you’ve used it, chime in on the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts on what your experience was. How did it make your skin feel? 😉

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