Pregnancy Woes: Why Am I Peeing So Much?!

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not uncommon for a woman to notice that she is peeing more often than normal before it even hits her that she is pregnant. In fact, the increased need to urinate is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Typically, you are going to start taking more trips to the bathroom as early as six weeks into your pregnancy.

Wondering why you need to go potty more often? The changes in your hormones have caused your blood flow to increase. This means your blood is flowing through your kidneys faster which is filling up your bladder more often. You get the added bonus of the fact that the amount of blood in your body is going to increase by nearly 50 percent compared to how much blood you had before you got pregnant (you are supporting another person after all).

As more time passes and the pregnancy progresses (when that baby starts to grow) there is going to be more pressure placed on your bladder as well. At times it might feel like your baby is literally jumping up and down on your bladder.

It is not uncommon for you to feel like you are going to the bathroom more often when you lay down to go to sleep. Unfortunately, this is because all of the fluids in your legs are making their way back up into your blood stream and a lot of the fluid finds its way back into your bladder.

There are some pregnancy books and guides that tell you that you start to feel relief from the frequent need to urinate. I can tell you that is not true. As I got more pregnant and that baby got bigger, I just needed to pee more and more.

Final weeks of pregnancy

Final weeks of pregnancy (Photo credit: storyvillegirl)

Try not to let going to the bathroom a lot get you down. Make sure you’ve erased coffee, tea, and alcohol from your diet. Not only are they bad for the baby, they are all going to make you urinate more often.

You can also help yourself when you do go pee by making sure you lean forward as far as you can when you are going to the bathroom. This is going to put a little pressure on your bladder which makes sure it completely empties out. This is just going to give you a little more time before you fill up and need to take another trip to the bathroom.

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