Pre-nuptial Private Investigations: Your Precaution Prior to Saying I Do

So you’re getting married. You picture a life together with your significant other whose personality and principles you believe perfectly complement yours. You look forward to starting your own family with someone whom you think will be an ideal parent and spouse. You can’t wait to finally be in this paradise they call forever with that person who completes you.

But truth be told;the life-changing commitment that marriage requires goes beyond showing up during the wedding ceremony. Really, the whole idea may not even be for the faint of heart.

Dear Fiancé, Are You Really Who You Say You Are?

We hear about how approximately 50% of all marriages are ultimately doomed to fail. Society rests in the fact that these divorce statistics come in contradicting versions, but this depressing ending to what could have been a happy-ever-after scenario has become commonplace. From infidelity to irresponsibility to a lack of maturity to a lack of excitement, marriages fall apart for a world of reasons.

Not surprisingly, tapping private investigative services for the soon-to-be-spouse isn’t exactly a strange idea. As the wedding season is up, it may be high time to weed out those not-so-happy thoughts and prove or disprove those stubborn instincts once and for all – and say yes to a pre-nuptial private investigation.

If you’re about to get married but those doubts just won’t go away, explore these reasons for giving your PI a call:

  • You want to know your partner’s past as you embrace them to your future. You found “the one” whose life you’ll be sharing with. You plan to do that forever and there’s no turning back. As you open your world to them, you want to know who they were before you were together.
  • You want to be sure about who your partner really is. It is human nature to put on the best show for and try to please someone you think is worth it. But you wonder if, after all these years, your partner is simply playing safe or pretending in the name of a hidden agenda.
  • They have their reasons; you have your suspicions. What else could better prompt any bride or groom to hire a pre-nup private investigator than a reason to doubt? If you suspect that your spouse-to-be is lying about a sensitive issue, acting strange around you, avoiding discussions, demonstrating a major change in behavior and raising red flags everywhere, it is wise to go on a fact-finding mission.

Just as a grand wedding doesn’t secure a marriage, having kids doesn’t fix a perennial marriageproblem or a beautiful house and luxurious lifestyle doesn’t promise a perfect family life, hiring an infidelity investigator does not guarantee a perfect or successful relationship. What it does, however, is give you the peace of mind you deserve before you make that life-changing decision.

A private background check helps you uncover information, confirm your suspicions, put those doubts to rest and clear your mind about a future husband or wife. It saves you from making that terrible mistake of committing your life to a serial cheater, a very married person, a potential drunk or beater, and even a scammer! If something tells you this step is necessary to dodge a lifetime of regrets, don’t you think it may well be worth it?

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