Practical Ways to Minimize the Fuel Consumption of Your Car

All automotive vehicles including cars give out their best performance if they are maintained well and handled with care. Car performance is measured not only in velocity and engine condition but also in the aspect of fuel efficiency. Here are a few practical ways to keep to optimize your car’ performance and make it efficient on gas consumption.


1. Observe regular tune-ups.


Car tune-up entails regular oil change, spark plug replacement and timely inspection and cleaning or change of air filters. These are simple maintenance routines but they have a huge impact on your fuel consumption. You should do car tune-ups based on the frequency suggested by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.


2. Keep your tires aligned and well-inflated.


Tires that are well-aligned and inflated at the manufacturer’s recommended psi work to reduce the amount of drag that adds up to the load of your engine. This can help to reduce your engine fuel consumption. Another factor that can contribute to fuel savings is the use of low rolling resistance tires. This type of tiers is designed to improve gas mileage by up to two percent.


3. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.


Items that are not needed shouldn’t have a place in your car especially if they are quite heavy. They can contribute to your fuel costs. As a rile of thumb, you should remember that for every 100 pounds of load fuel consumption can increase by as much as two percent.


4. Monitor your fuel costs.


You should monitor your fuel consumption to make sure that your car is running at its optimum performance. An increase in fuel cost can tell that your engine is having some problems that need your attention.


5. Drive less.


Driving less is arguably the best way to cut fuel costs. It also works to reduce your car’s negative impact on the environment. Maximizing the use of one car to eliminate the need to purchase a second one can greatly help to put your fuel expenses in the minimum.


These are some of the most important factors you can consider if you want to maximize your car and put fuel expenses to the minimum. Remember, the less gas you spend for your car, the smaller will be its impact on the environment. If you are considering a new car, you should make fuel efficiency one of your top priorities. But if you want to buy a used one, you can have its fuel consumption calibrated by a reputable car repair shop like the Subaru Clinic.


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