Practical Ways to Choose the Best Pharmacist for Your Medication Needs

Most people don’t choose a pharmacist, they choose a pharmacy. That’s like choosing a doctor based on the location of his office. Maybe you’ll get a good one with that selection process, maybe not. Use these practical ways to choose the best pharmacist fir your medication needs because a druggist is an important part of your health care team and should be chosen carefully.

Visit a Few Pharmacies

If you are unsatisfied with your current druggist, shop around for a new one. Visit a few pharmacies and have a chat with the druggist. Go during a slow time of day, like mid-morning on a Tuesday (not the first week of the month) so the pharmacist will have a few extra minutes to talk one-on-one with you. Ask the pharmacist if they have any special training or certification, which is needful considering pharmacists are performing medical procedures like giving shots and testing for strep throat.

Questions to Consider

When shopping around for a new pharmacist, ask yourself if he or she is taking the time to answer your questions in a way you understand. The druggist should ask a few questions about your health needs and it’s a plus if they ask about the health needs of your family members. And this question could be as simple as just asking if anyone else in your family is a diabetic, has high blood pressure, etc. It’s the fact that the druggist is showing concern not only for you, but your family also.
If you have small children, ask if they offer both liquid and pill forms of some of the most frequently prescribed children’s medication and if they offer flavorings for liquid medicine (a must-have for some children).

Future Interactions

Now that you’ve chosen a new pharmacist, pay attention to interactions, Does the pharmacist take time to explain each new medication; when an how to take it, what it does and possible side effects? Does the pharmacist recommend supplements that may be beneficial to you as well as tell you what not to take, eat or drink with your medicines?

The Pharmacy

While the building and all the non-medical products inside the building should not be the priority when choosing a pharmacist, there are some things to consider. Most people visit their pharmacy at least once a month, so convenience is a good thing. Easy in, easy out, drive-thru service, friendly staff, clean store in a safe neighborhood, a good selection of over-the-counter health and beauty aids and competitive prices on everything sold.

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