Practical Tips for the Proper Care of Your Subaru

As a Subaru owner, you know that the useful life of your vehicle is limited. But there are ways to make it last longer. It’s the very reason why you need to give it proper care and upkeep. You might even be obliged to take it to a service provider for troubleshooting when you suspect that it does not performance according to your expectations.


All car owners definitely want their car to preserve its value and performance. This will help them to avoid unwanted delays and repair costs. To be able to achieve this, here are a few simple and practical tips you might want to consider. These can definitely help to make your Subaru optimize its usefulness and prolong its life.


1. Pay attention to the check engine light.


This is a critical indicator many car owners chose to ignore. When this light comes on, your engine is telling you that something really needs to be checked although there are times when it goes off on its own. But you really need to open the hood to see if something has gone wrong. Even a fuel cap that is not put back in its place can trigger a check engine light warning. If everything seems okay and the warning light is still on, you can leave it that way for one day just to satisfy your doubts. If the light persists, it’s time for you to bring your car to the shop for troubleshooting and repair.


2. Change filters regularly.


Dust particles, dirt and other air pollutants can get into your engine without a working filter. Your car uses three types of filters to protect it from foreign elements. These are the air, fuel and oil filters. You should keep these clean by having them replaced for every 15,000 to 30,000 mile run.


3. Check engine fluids regularly.


Your car uses four important fluids to keep running normally. These are the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and auto transmission fluid. You should check their levels at least once a week to make sure that that their don’t go below the minimum. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to check these and it should not be a hassle for you. For your own safety, you should check the coolant only when the engine is totally cool.


4. Check your tires.


Worn out tires can affect the alignment and braking ability of your car. Roadworthy tires have the right thickness and pressure. Check the pressure with a tire gauge. You can check the tread by inserting a penny between threads. If the top portion of the coin protrudes, you should consider replacing your tires.


5. Drive well.


You may not know it, but the way you drive can extend or shorten the life of your car. Abrupt starts and stops, sudden accelerations and unnecessary revolution of the engine can have a bad effect on your tires, engine, and brakes.


6. Allow your engine to warm up before driving.


Before driving, give your engine time to warm up by turning it on and allowing it to run idly for 30 seconds to a minute before driving. If the temperature is freezing, you should leave your car on for at least three minutes to allow it to warm up.


These are simple yet very useful steps that can help to extend the life of your car. By doing these on a regular basis, you will minimize your appointments with the Subaru customer service.


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