Postloop.Com Review: The Good and The Bad

Postloop.Com’s Background and History
Postloop is a website that was founded by a company based in South Carolina called Royal Media, LLC. Postloop was actually inspired by an earlier idea called PostFusion. PostFusion was another website with a very similar concept to Postloop.

Ryan, the owner of Postloop, believed that PostFusion never really lived up to its full potential and slowly faded in terms of popularity. He decided that he wanted to revive the idea behind PostFusion into the forum and blogging industry once again. Thus, the very popular website known as Postloop first opened their doors to the public in November of 2010.

What Exactly Is Postloop.Com?
Postloop is a PTP (paid to post) website. Basically, this means that they pay their users to post on forums. Postloop also pays their users to leave comments on blogs as well. Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation of what Postloop is and how it works.

How Does It Work?
The process of using Postloop is pretty simple. First, you need to sign up for an account. Then, you will go through the trial or “hiring” stage. During the hiring stage you will register with Postloop’s Portal forum. You will be required to post on the forum a total of ten times. Postloop uses these ten posts to determine the following:

  • Whether or not they are going to hiring you
  • Your initial rating
  • Your initial pay rate

Once you have been evaluated, rated, and approved to start working you will gain access to Postloop’s database of forums and blogs. Then, you will be able to select the blogs and forums you would like to be paid to post on. After that, you just have to register on the forums and/or blogs and link them to your Postloop account so you can start earning.

How Does The Payment System Work?
Postloop has a very simple and easy payment system. Their payment system is point based. You earn points every time you post on a forum or leave a comment on a blog. The amount of points you earn vary, but they tend to range anywhere between 1 and 5. The points are based on the quality of your post as well as your user rating. The higher your rating is the more points you will receive. Furthermore, users who have ratings over 4.0 also qualify for bonus points. For example, I have a 4.15 user rating and get 0.25 bonus points every time I post.

How Do You Withdraw/Cash Out Your Points?
On Postloop, one point is worth $0.05. In order to request a withdrawal you must have a minimum of 100 points (which is $5.00). You also must have a user rating that is above average in order to withdrawal. The user rating average typically ranges between 3.5 and 3.8.

When you cash out, Postloop asks you to give them 24 hours to review your account before sending the payment. Personally, I’ve never had to wait more than a few hours for a payment (unless I cash out overnight). If you cash out overnight, you may have to wait till the next morning.

Postloop.Com’s Referral System
I actually ADORE their referral system, I think it is one of the best features the site offers. When people sign up under your referral link you earn 20 percent of ALL their earnings. There is no limit to the amount you can earn on a single referral and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.

As of September 2015, I do have 255 referrals. Now, before you let your jaw hit the ground let me tell you that all of my referrals are NOT active. I get a new referral almost every day because of the amount of time I used to spend promoting my referral link. Unfortunately, these are not always active referrals. Again, as of September 2015, I have roughly 30 referrals who are (or were) active at some point in time after they registered for an account with the website.

I’ve earned more than $200 since I signed up for the site just on my referrals! I know earning an extra $5 here or there might not seem like a big deal. But, when you think about the fact that this is money that you earned from the work that OTHER people have done it is a pretty cool aspect.


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My Final Verdict

I do not think Postloop is a going to get you rich. However, I do think you could add another $150-$300 to your monthly income if you spend a couple hours on the website every day. When I actually spend time on the website it only takes me an hour to earn 150-200 posts ($5-$10). You do that every day and you’d have a nice sizable amount of extra income. I also will say I LOVE the way they send you the money on Paypal. You are not charged any Paypal fees when you receive the money. So, when you withdraw $5, you are going to get the entire $5.

Update (September 2015): Postloop is an older website that is not really in the same prime that it was in when I first wrote this article. When I wrote the article, I did fully believe you could make $5-$10 a day using the site. I believed this because I did this for a very long time. 

My biggest pet peeve with this website is the rating system. Forum owners and blog owners are entitled to give you a rating because you are getting paid thanks to the points that they purchased from Postloop. They do not have to give a reason for the rating they give you. I have A LOT of people that give me a 4.0 rating and then tell me in the comments how amazing my posts are. My complaint is that they need to give 5.0’s out when they think we are “amazing”. I wish Postloop would require them to provide a reason as to why the blog and forum owners give the ratings that they do.

Note: This is merely my personal opinion of the website and my take on how the website works. I do get to earn 20 percent of what you earn if you sign up under my referral link, but that will not affect your earnings at all. 

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