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Inuyasha DVD Cover

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InuYasha (also written Inuyasha) is a classic anime that takes place in place partly in Feudal Era Japan and partly in modern day Tokyo. The series stars a half demon named InuYasha and a a human girl named Kagome who happens to be the reincarnation of InuYasha’s love from another time/era.

InuYasha is a magical and mystical anime series that is a perfect mixture of action, romance, and comedy. In terms of audience, individuals of all ages and both genders tend to really enjoy the series. Due to some of the violence, language, and mature themes it is suggested parents decide whether or not their child is ready to watch this kind of series.

One important thing to note about this series is that there are a lot of cliff hangers and filler episodes. The series has a total of 167 episodes long with 4 additional movie spin-offs. The movies do not actually follow the story line of the series itself.


Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is another classic anime that is actually part of an even larger series. If you are interested in watching the series in order you are going to want to watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT in that order. They are technically three different series, but they are based on the same characters and growing story line. However, you do not have to watch Dragon Ball in order to watch Dragon Ball Z. Doing so is just going to give you a better understanding of the characters and their history.

While this series is definitely geared towards a male audience, it has a nice blend of action and comedy with a hint of romance that females tend to appreciate as well.  It was actually in 1995 that the English version of this anime series was produced. The original Japanese version was released two years earlier.

Dragon Ball Z Screen Capture From Series Via Amazon

Dragon Ball Z Screen Capture From Series Via Amazon

Fruits Baskets

Fruits Baskets was definitely created with the intention of being geared towards a female audience. However, that is not to say that males cannot appreciate the series as well. This series is about a dark and magical family secret that has haunted the Sohma family for years. After a tragedy in her own life, Tohru Honda comes to live in the Sohma house and slowly gets to know the Sohma family and all of their series.

The most important thing for you to know about this series is that it is a big tear jerker. If you are sensitive or get emotionally attached to what you watch pretty easily, you are going to find yourself crying during about a third of the episodes of this series.

One of the downsides to Fruits Basket is that it is not a very long series. There are no fillers and the series does an excellent job of getting right to the point. This is unfortunate because there are several members of the Sohma family in the graphic novel/manga that are never introduced in the series because of how short it is.

[stextbox id=”Pink” caption=”Need An Anime Recommendation?”]When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Japanese animation. My clothing and my bedroom were decked out in anime memorabilia. I still have scrolls of some of my series as well as an endless number of boxed sets on my shelf. If you ever take up an interest in Japanese animation and need a recommendation based on your personal interests, please do not hesitate to ask me![/stextbox]

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