Pokemon Go Guide: Top Power Bank Battery Backs

Power Bank Pokemon Go

by highstandards

Pokemon Go is an extremely addicted game. Like millions of players across the globe I would, if I could, have this app open all day long. Unfortunately, the battery life of my iPhone is really quite pathetic.

Mine is so bad, in fact, that I seriously doubt that my phone’s battery percentage has been over 35% since this game came out; unless I was sleeping of course.

While it is certainly true that there are a handful of ways to get a few more minutes of life out of your phone (like changing the game’s setting to ‘Battery Saver’ mode), the way many of the top players are able to catch them all is by purchasing a portable battery of some kind.

If you have tried to do a little research on your own then you already realize just how many options you already have. The question truly becomes how do you pick the best power bank to fuel your Pokemon Go addiction?

Portable Battery Charger

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With that being said, I have compiled a few of my favorite battery packs that will keep you on the Go and off the sofa.

KMASHI External Battery Power Bank – 10000mAh

As I mentioned above, Pokemon Go absolutely devours your phone’s battery. Even while in battery saver mode you will be lucky to get more than an hour or two of game time without some serious help.

Enter the KMASHI External Battery Power Bank.

This powerful power bank is a 10000mAh portable battery that has enough juice to charge your phone multiple times before needing to be recharged.

Even better, this bad boy has an additional USB port that will allow you to charge more than one phone at a time. Just imagine how many Pokemon you could catch if you had one of these power banks. You could even make a few friends by allowing someone else to charge their phones while you guys chill around an active PokeLure.

At less than $20, this Best Selling portable charger backup pack has my highest recommendation.

Solar Power Bank Pokemon Go

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GRDE Solar Power Bank Pokemon Go – 10000mAh

If you are anything like me then you do most of your hunting during the day. As such, it may make sense for you to look into a solar powered battery charger.

First things first; you are not going to be able to charge this solar power bank in one day. It will, unfortunately, take a few days to reach its maximum charge when using only the sun. The beauty of this system is that you can charge the battery rather quickly by using the USB port; using the solar charger as an emergency. Charging your phone in this way allows you to use conventional powering methods while in town and solar power while away from electrical outlets or even on long drives.

The GRDE Solar Power Bank just may be the perfect option for those Pokemon Go trainers that prefer to hunt in the wild away from traditional PokeStops.

Best Power Bank for Pokemon Go

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RAVPower Power Bank External Battery Pack – 13000mAh

When it comes to finding the biggest, most powerful power bank to play Pokemon Go you would be hard pressed to find one that is better than the RAVPower portable charger.

At 13000 mAH, this bad boy can charge my iPhone almost 5 times. Using its exclusive iSmart technology, this power bank charges phones much more efficiently than others can by automatically detecting, and delivering, the optimal charging current for any connected devise. There is no real reason to waste time. Pokemon are not going to catch themselves after all.

Like the GRDE solar power charger, the RAVPower charger can also handle more than one phone at a time without any noticeable difference. What’s more, this power bank actually shuts itself off when your phone is fully charged.

Sure, Pokemon Go is perhaps the fastest growing app on the planet. This does not, however, mean that the game will remain the same. With future updates already on the horizon, you will want to make sure that you are out on the street rounding up as many as you can. John Hanke, CEO of Nantic Labs, has gone on record stating that Pokemon trading will be included in the game at some time in the future. This really does not surprise me seeing as how this should have been included in the game’s beta release.

What this means for you, and your fellow trainers is that you need to start collecting as many characters as you can right away. The only surefire way to do this is to buy yourself one of these affordable Pokemon Go power banks.

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