Please Don’t Devour me

There’s so many people out there that just lurk about looking for their next target. Waiting to see just what the person will come up with next so that they can charge in. Sounds like wolves right? Of course. I’m a writer and blogger and I’ve created projects, currently writing scripts for a movie. I also have a Vlog. Here’s the thing. No matter what we discovery. There will always be someone who is envious. The envy takes a hold of them and they become wolf like. 

How do we Deal With the Wolves

Well, the best thing to do is to proceed, yes. Keep going and engage in positive activities. If needed. Ignore the trolling. Trolls can not offer any substance to anyone’s journey. They feed off of getting others down. Keep looking ahead and even if there’s thousands of people on the attack. There will always be at least one cheering from the sidelines. Perhaps pretending but doing some “undercover cheering.” The ones who are afraid to let others know that they’re supportive. 

See. The wolves aren’t scary at all. They’re just bullies who really want attention. Either they need help ot they’re just bored. Either way. They don’t really need to have the attention. If they’re unable to be respectful then move on. Some of the wolves will be very cynical. Yes indeed. As soon as their name appears. The screen seems to fade because they’re just that venomous. Poison. The toxins start pouring out as soon as they upload a post or comment. 

We’ll notice these things on social media sites. Especially sites like Twitter. Twitter use to be a good social media platform. Great for business promotions. Now, it’s riddled with trolls, and bullies. Don’t know how the CEO of Twitter stays wealthy with all the lawsuits. Anyway. Wolves are on the attack on social media. Facebook isn’t so bad. I’m assuming that Facebook was able to get a handle on the bullying. That’s what a real business person would do. 

We simply don’t know who’s behind the computer spilling out all sorts of madness. The sad thing is cyber attacks continue to occur in view of law enforcement agencies and gosh. We might as well police ourselves. No wonder society is in a great big mess. Everyday there’s some sort of troll like post. The best thing to do is ignore. It’s a waste of time to give the stupidity our valuable attention. 

Imagine other writers and authors on the rampage. Just throwing insults back and fourth. Sounds insane. Well, it can happen on social media, where there’s no rules. Just posting threatening messages but oh well. No law around so that’s how the cookie crumbles. Basically. The wolves keep lurking. They’re hungry. Not for improvement just to make other people’s lives miserable. One has to develop a tough skin. Otherwise the wolves will devour their prey. 

Here’s an Interesting Post About the Wolf Pack.

“Be “Encouraged While on the Journey. Never Allow the Behavior of Others Take the Sunshine Away.” ( Tanikka Paulk)

Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk


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