Plan, Action, and Performance

A movement. The movement whichever fits. Any movement must entail the plan, there must be actions, and the performance is when all the works are placed together and displayed. Movements are meant to occur and although some may not won’t to see some “movements” take place. There’s a reason for every movement. Some may perceive some movements as selfishness. Not recognizing others but not so. Every person has a right to create a movement that generates greater. 

There may be some debates about what movements should stay and which ones should go. Some may have long debates about movements in which they’re in disagreement with. There’s even competitiveness within movements. Not everyone will be satisfied with wants produced and there will be some who will become quite displeased with the organizer of the movement or movements and the ones who support the movements. 

Being an advocate there’s a lot to take in. There’s a lot against advocates and activists. Consider myself both whether others agree or not. Speaking up for persons and causing is advocating. Activism is producing movements and refusing to back down, the activism entail more political aspects, politics can be quite tricky. There’ s a lot of disagreements when it comes to politics and understandable. No “political” figure will be able to please all. There are some who may not even know why they’re debating. Just wanting to create upsets perhaps. 

There are a lot of movements which incurred a lot of backlash because some perceived the movements as racial division. The movements seemed to have some points however some could have entailed more. All in all every movement seems to be “important” and there’s why some feel the way they feel. When it comes to race there will be a lot who are sensitive about certain movements and what’s being said. Some are overly sensitive of course or refusing to accept what has been organized. 

Any person who conducts a movement will have to face the critics. There will be some who will continue to try and sabotage the movement. Sometimes the only “reasons” are is because the person or persons didn’t come up with the movements. envy can be a reason why some are in disagreement with certain movements. Not everyone will appreciate movements which highlight African Americans or any other culture for that matter. 

Some aren’t very open minded and only want their own movements. Not wanting to see other ethic groups produce movements which can help their people. Even the ones within the same race may be in disagreement. “The ideas of some may make some feel envious for not coming up with such ideas.” There may be war like situations taking place because some aren’t considering how helping one group could help a country as a whole. Economics. Increasing wealth and educational advancement. The mindsets are one of the reasons there isn’t “more progress.” 

Afeni Shakur was a very active displaying political activism/ Black Panthers

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