Places To Find Free Knitting Patterns

Whether you are a beginning knitter or a pro, you may be looking for something new and different in a knitting pattern. Knitting can be an expensive hobby. Avid knitters are always looking for ways to find free patterns. You may have to pay for your yarn and your needles, but your patterns can be found for free.

The first place to look for free patterns is among your friends who knit. Every knitter has his or her favorite and most are more than willing to share, especially if they get a new pattern in exchange. Knitting is a hobby that is all about sharing and patterns are no exception.

Go to the store where you buy your yarn and check out the displays for free patterns. Most stores have pads of patterns that hang from the racks and you can feel confident that they are there for you to take. These are especially convenient. With your new pattern in hand you will know the number of skeins and weight of yarn that you need.

The local library is sure to have a wide variety of books about knitting and all of these books include patterns. You may even be able to learn a new way of doing things while you are at it.

Magazines are also a good source of free knitting patterns. It is not just the magazines that are exclusively about knitting either that have patterns. Often times woman’s magazine offer free patterns. You may be able to get the patterns free especially if you are sitting in the Doctors or Dentist’s office. Be kind to future knitters and do not rip out the page. Copy the pattern onto a sheet of paper and leave the pattern available to the next knitter who comes in.

The Internet is a vast resource of free knitting patterns. You can go to any of the yarn company sites, Lion and Bernat are two personal favorites but there are many others.

If you are looking for a good all-around knitting site with lots of free patterns then Knitting Pattern Central is the perfect website to visit.

They offer a directory to free patterns available. Whether you are looking for a new Afghan pattern, a poncho pattern, potholders or a scarf, they are exactly what their name implies, knitting pattern central.

If times are tough and you are trying to save every penny that you can, these few suggestions will help you to be able to continue to enjoy your favorite hobby without having to pay for your knitting patterns. Check all of these places to find free knitting patterns.



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