Pitfalls of Online Dating

CC0 Image by kelseyannvere / Pixabay

CC0 Image by kelseyannvere / Pixabay

Online dating is a popular way many people turn to in order to meet other people. While initially shunned, over the years online dating has evolved to become a regular practice. Being most popular with the 25 – 34 year age group, older singles also frequently give it a try too.

In 2014, it was the second most popular way to meet prospective mates, only falling behind the traditional method of meeting through mutual friends.

Despite the notion online dating is no longer taboo and, more or less, routinely accepted in today’s digital age, like with anything else in life, there are still some pitfalls of online dating.  

Uncertainty: Online profiles can be honest or not so much. The problem with meeting potential mates on the Internet is that you never really truly know who you’re talking to until you get to know them better offline. Meeting someone new who is not familiar to you or anyone you know can be a risk because of the fact you truly do not know who you are meeting. Conversations may be great online, but actual chemistry may fizzle. 

Potential liars: A person may be a total liar and completely faked their profile in order to present themselves as someone they are not. A digital profile is definitely helpful to get a glimpse of another person you are interested in, but what he or she enters into a keyboard may or may not be entirely true. Always proceed with caution until you get to know him or her better.

Predators: Hand-in-hand with liars, the person may be a predator, falsifying a profile in order to lure victims. Predators are often adept at knowing just what to say and do in order to attract the target of their victimizing.

Too many choices: A few years back social scientists set out to explore the phenomenon of online dating. The researchers analyzed 400 academic studies regarding online dating and concluded online dating is a “crapshoot,” reported the Washington Post in 2012.

Time consuming: In this study, researchers also concluded online dating is hugely time consuming, pointing out that the average online dater spends about 12 hours a week on these websites looking for a partner.

Online dating offers a lot of possibilities and opens up a new world for many people when it comes to finding a compatible partner, however, it is also wise to go into online dating with eyes wide open. 


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