Picking the Perfect Earrings

Picking the perfect earrings is as much about quality as it is about taste. There is the perfect earring and there is the perfect earring for you. One of the things that will go into determining the perfect earring is your occupation and life style. Some styles of earring are inappropriate or even forbidden in certain occupations.


Studs are often the very first earring you receive when you first have your ears pierces. If you ears are not pierced then this does not of course apply. Studs are a simple style that basically just go straight through your ear and are attached on the back with a butterfly clip. What shows on the front of your ears is a small ball. Square, triangle or almost any shape. For little girls studs come in ladybugs, hearts and almost limitless shapes.

These days little boys may have a pierced ear as well and they can also choose from a variety of shapes. Whatever you chose you will want to be sure that the bar is made of a precious metal or surgical steel. If you use an inferior metal you run the chance of not only turning your ear green but also getting an infection in your hole.


Hoops are very popular these days. They come in a lots of sizes from huggies to huge hoops. If you are not going to wear these for a long period of time you can buy them in non-precious metals as long as the hook that goes through your ear is made of surgical steel. You can make a real statement with your hoops. 

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When you want to really make an impression, a chandelier earring is the way to go. They dangle from your ears and sparkle weather you go for crystal or real gems. Gold, silver, shiny or mat finish, chandeliers are a great addition to any earring wardrobe.


Dangles are earrings that hang from your ear on hooks. These can be a shepherds crook or a lever back, leverbacks offer a measure of safety because they close and it is difficult for your earring to fall out of your ear. This is a great and inexpensive way to add a lot of color to your wardrobe. Especially if you go with sterling silver you can have gemstones in every color under the sun for a very reasonable price.

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Picking the perfect earring involves more than one pair of earring for most people. You need your workday earring, your play earrings and your dress to impress earrings. Think of earrings as an accessory and a vital part of your wardrobe. Their small size makes it possible to have many pairs and not spend a fortune.


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