Photographing Bluebonnets in Flowermound Tx.

As a nature photographer I look forward to Spring every year.  There are so many opportunities to photograph things in the spring.  New flowers, animal, insect and plenty of other things come out during the Spring.  One of my favorite things to photograph starting in April are the Bluebonnets.  Bluebonnets appear all over Texas starting around April.  Highways and fields are lined in blue blankets of these beautiful flowers. If you are looking for a place near Highland Village,Lewisville or Flowermound Texas to photograph Bluebonnets I recommend the field located at Round Grove Rd. and S. Edmond Ln.  On the South West corner of this intersection there is a field where acres of Bluebonnet flowers will pop up.  This is one of the best places to find Bluebonnets in Texas.

IMG_6855 (Custom)  IMG_6853 (Custom) IMG_6857 (Custom)

I took the following photographs of Bluebonnets in 2014.  I didn’t get to take nearly as many photographs as I would like to.  This field was swarming with photographers taking photographs of children and babies in the flowers.  There were times when 50 different photographers were photographing friends, family and clients.  The good news is if you come earlier you can usually get some great photographs before many of the other photographers come out.  You can park in the parking lot of the school on Edmond and it will be a short walk to the field.  Some people pull up and park in part of the field but I find this to be rude and also may be illegal.  I suggest using the parking lot to be safe.

IMG_6846 (Custom)Texas Bluebonnet Texas Bluebonnet FlowerIMG_6847 (Custom)IMG_6870 (Custom)

If this is not a good location for you, you can drive along Round Grove road and find many more places with smaller patches of Bluebonnets.  In fact if you find the historical marker in Flowermound where the city got it’s name there will be Bluebonnets growing around it.

My camera is a Canon 5D Mark II.  I used a kit lens the 24-105mm and a Sigma 180mm macro lens.  With the Macro lens I use a Canon MT-24EX twin flash unit.  This year I plan to take my Alien Bee 800 with me.  I think it will dramatically improve some of my shots.

I have a 10 month old baby boy that I will try to photograph in the Bluebonnets this year.  I have never photographed any people in the flowers I normally just focus on taking photographs of the flower.  He will be about 1 year old once the flower begin to appear.  I am really looking forward to photographing him.

All photographs used in this article were shot by me(Jared Davdson)

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