Perfect Gifts for Bridal Attendants

As the time for your wedding gets closer there will be many things on your mind. After you have chosen your gown, the venue and picked your menu it is time to consider the gifts for bridal attendants.  These are the people who have been your support leading up to your big day and will help to make this the special event you have always dreamed about. You want to choose the perfect gift for your bridal attendants.

You can be sure of one thing, jewelry is always a very good option. Of course, there is always the budget to consider. Relax, there are many beautiful gifts that you can choose for your bridal attendant that won’t cost an arm and a leg unless of course you want them to.


Believe it or not there are plenty of choices even if you only have $35 to spend. Sterling silver is a good option and you can have a very pretty tennis bracelet for that price. For right around the $35 mark you can find lovely Alex and Ani bracelets and you can choose a charm that fits each individual attendant which is guaranteed to make them feel extra special. Costume jewelry is always an option as well and the choices are limitless.

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By going up just $35 to $70 you are getting into the range where you can buy small gold pieces. It could be an individual charm or it could be small gold earrings. Another option at this level would be a pretty jewelry box to store those special pieces.


When you get to the $100 level you can start to think about pearls. Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors, lengths and styles. It can be a necklace, earrings or bracelet. You can even choose one that will coordinate with the colors of your wedding or go with the more traditional white or black.

Price doesn’t matter

amazon weddingWhen the sky is the limit you can consider real gemstones and that opens up a world of possibilities. Why not give each attendant a birthstone necklace or a tennis bracelet. No one ever says no to diamond earrings or a Cartier watch.

Our thoughtfulness no matter what you choose will be much appreciated. Be sure to box and gift wrap your gifts. Keep in mind that for years to come, whenever your attendants wear these gifts they will remember you and your special day. Use your imagination, you know your friends and what they will consider special.

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