Pedicab Tours – Eco-Friendly Rides to Your Favorite Places


Behind our ardent desire to succeed, make much money and pursue our passion is a secret dream – to travel to faraway places and watch the majesty of the world before our very eyes. There is something mystic yet fulfilling about going to places especially those that are too distant yet too beautiful to ignore. The thought of witnessing another culture, getting a taste of exotic foods, and setting foot on man-made and natural wonders of the world can surely make you gasp in awe and disbelief.


Back to Reality


But the realization that you are just imagining things suddenly brings you back to reality. It leaves you with a wish – that somehow that fantasy can come true someday. In the meantime, and while you make your dream settle in your mind, you may just take a tour of your own city. The thrill and excitement may not be of the same degree but it can still give you the same re-energizing effect minus the stress and the hassles of keeping up with flight schedules and the unwanted jetlag.


Our busy schedules coupled with the fast pace of modern life often make us forget the beauty that surrounds us. We almost always take them for granted because of our desire for something bigger yet farther away. Why don’t we pause for a time and look closer at these local sceneries? After all it doesn’t take much time and money.


You will really be surprised to discover that there are indeed some parts of your city that are really beautiful. You will be amazed at how you want to see the sights of other places when there is something equally spectacular right in your own place. So even if you’re taking a tour in your own city, you should still be ready for surprises.


Take a Ride and Enjoy the Sights in Silence


Incidentally, there is a new way of touring around the city. It is called pedicab ride. It uses a pedicab or tricycle shuttle service which serves as your vehicle and means of transportation. It is driven and powered by a driver who pedals the vehicle to take you around the city or any place you might want to visit within your locality.


You may not know it, but there are lots of beautiful places in your city that you can visit in an eco-friendly way. Pedicabs are pedal-powered tricycles that serve as taxis that are ready to take passengers for a ride. Pedicab tours can be a good way for a group or pair to roam around the city or its suburban streets for bar-hopping or sightseeing purposes.


Any nature lover would certainly love to enjoy the scenes on board a silent, slow-moving vehicle that doesn’t produce harmful emissions. A pedicab doesn’t emit smoke and doesn’t cause noise pollution. Its silence can help to set you in the right mood while you meditate with the sights. This can make you feel relaxed, de-stressed, refreshed and ready for another round of life’s realities.


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