Patriotic Appeals in Advertising – Examples of Technique and Campaigns

Patriotism is a strong element in some advertisements. Many people want to know that they are supporting the local economy and helping to provide jobs for their neighbors by purchasing a product or service that is offered by a company in their own country. This produces a positive feeling in all citizens.


NFL Dallas Cowboys themed cornhole baggo decal

NFL Dallas Cowboys themed cornhole baggo decal


Examples of Campaigns that Use Patriotic Advertising Techniques

There are many advertising campaigns that use patriotic advertising techniques. Some of the campaigns come across well while others are sometimes viewed with suspicion. Those who choose to use this advertising technique have to strike the right balance between having an ad that is heartwarming and producing an advertisement that viewers think is just designed to get sales in areas as diverse as beauty or pet health.

These are a few examples of ads that used the patriotic advertising technique and the companies that utilized them:

  • Motorola for the Moto X Smartphone, emphasizing the fact that the stylish phone was designed and made in the US.
  • The New York Stock Exchange, with Let Freedom Ring, right after the September 11 attacks
  • Ford, with their “Ford Drives America” ads

Ford’s ads are targeted towards Americans who are facing economic difficulties and grieving after the terrorist attacks on September 11. That campaign reminded buyers that by purchasing a Ford motor vehicle, they were supporting the American economy. Consumers also benefited from lower interest rates during the period after the September 11 attacks.


Patriotism Ad Examples


Benefits of Campaigns that Use Patriotic Advertising Techniques

Since adults are more likely to understand the benefits of purchasing goods that are made in their own country, you should always emphasize patriotism in your ads if you can do so. Make it clear at the beginning and throughout your ads that your business is owned by a citizen and employs citizens as well. These methods work.


Use Patriotic Themes in Advertising

Consider using patriotic themes in advertising in order to encourage customers to buy your product. Several technology companies do this by emphasizing the fact that their products are designed and assembled in the United States. These types of advertisements are aimed at the American pride of consumers.


Patriotic Advertising Example – Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

You may find that patriotic advertising techniques are more effective when they are used in subtle ways. Use red, white and blue as the main colors in your ad, focus on families in your ads or even state how your company has helped America grow. Patriotic advertisements for certain consumer goods are even more impressive when they are launched in time for a national holiday.


Advertising Technique Patriotism Commercial


advertising technique patriotism commercial

patriotism ad examples

examples of appealing patriotism



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