Passive Income: Repurpose Your Content for an Ebook

Have you ever thought about repurposing your content to give your earnings a boost? If you’ve already done the research, why not use it multiple times for different venues. There are several ways to do this including making videos, creating visuals, and more but I’d like to focus on creating ebooks in this article.

One of the ways that you could repurpose your content is to put it into an ebook. There are so many ways that you can use that ebook. You can give it away for free and include links to affiliate products or you can sell it on various sites.

But how do you put that ebook of repurposed content together?

Well, I’m going to tell you what I did when I put together Freelance Writing Tips for New Writers.

Step 1

Decide on a topic. If you’ve been writing online for any significant period of time you have likely written many articles and blog posts on topics that would fit under one topic. Perhaps you write about raising children or depression or social media. It doesn’t matter what the topic is but you should have at least 10-15 good articles or posts on the subject.

Step 2

Choose your articles and blog posts. Grab a pen and paper for this one and write down the titles of the articles and blog posts that you want to use. As I suggested, you should have 10-15 of them. Up to 20 is even ok. If you have more than that you might want to consider breaking them into 2 or more ebooks like a friend has done in her up and coming series about direct sales.

Step 3

Put them in a logical order. What do your readers need to know first? What will come next? As you look at your list of titles you can move them around and see what works best for you and more importantly, what will work best for your future readers! You might need to create an Introduction section to tie them all together.

Step 4

Put them all in a document. You can use other types of documents but I like to use Word because it is so easy to add titles and graphics. It’s also very easy to convert it to a PDF file or a web file as required by the place that you’ll use to sell your ebook.

Step 5

Read through each post carefully. Edit. Then, take notes on things you would like to add. Most articles and blog posts are succinct for easy web reading. As a result, they don’t cover everything about the topic. This is your chance to expand and truly show your knowledge.

Step 6

Do any additional research that you might need to do and then start writing on your expanded topics. You will likely have to add some closing paragraphs to sections in order to lead the reader into the next section. You may also have updated information that you want to add.

Step 7

Add a “special” section to each chapter. It could be an actionable to do list, like I added to my ebook for freelance writers. You could add a different kind of list. You could add a picture gallery or graphs or charts. It all depends on the topic of your ebook. Special features like this will give you ebook added value.

Step 8

Add titles, subtitles, page numbers, borders or anything else that you want your ebook to have to make it more visually appealing. Save it in the format that is required by the platform you will be publishing with.

Step 9

Get someone to edit it. Get several someones if you can. The more input you get the better. I know I am horrible about self-editing my own work.  After I’ve spend 10 hours or more writing something, my brain doesn’t see the misspellings, typos, and awkward sentences.  Someone else will.

Step 10

Decide where you will publish it. Kindle is very popular but remember that you can’t use the KDP Select program if your work has been published anywhere on the Internet before, either in whole or in part, which means that your profit margin is not as high. Other options to consider include Fiverr (you’ll have to deliver it when someone orders it) or Smashwords.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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