Passing Time When Flying During the Holidays

EricInAdelaide / Pixabay

EricInAdelaide / Pixabay

Airline flights can be exhausting. Particularly in this day and age where security is stressful, flights are overbooked and airports are crowded. As a result of these issues and more, it is not uncommon to experience long waits. Not to mention connecting flights have become more the norm than the exception. The tedious aspects of flying somehow seem to be heightened during the winter holidays. 

All the time spent in airports and planes can bring upon a feeling of restlessness, especially since you’re confined to limited space.  Or limited Wi-Fi. Or maneuvering crowds trying to find a place to wait out a flight.

You can help alleviate some of that fidgety feeling by bringing materials with you to distract and help pass the time.  Sometimes it is a good idea to put down the digital device anyway. Here are some other options for passing time when flying during the holidays:

Reading materials: Don’t just bring one magazine or book. If you experience extreme delays, you’ll be glad you had an extra. You might want to consider one “light” read and a more “heavier” one. Or, alternatively, you can bring a word-find or crossword puzzle book to keep yourself occupied. 

Take a nap: Sleep is probably the other most popular stand-by people tend to use to pass the time. Some people nod off as soon as the plane starts its engines, and this is a great way to allow time to slip past if you’re able to doze into dreamland for an hour, two or more. Some people cannot sleep, but they do manage to fade in and out, which does tend to make time go more quickly. I tend to fall in the latter category.

Needlework: I used to be big on crocheting, and have found it’s a great way to pass some time. 

Listen to music: Listening to music is a great way to keep your mind occupied when traveling. Bring your preferred device and settle back to listen to your favorite tunes (and be sure to add some new songs before you travel to have some variety).

Write: Writing is another good activity to help pass the time. You can write notes, letters, articles, poetry, whatever it is that strikes your fancy. Are you a student or freelancer? Flights are the perfect opportunity to get those articles, blog posts, papers and assignments written (I’ve written some of my best work in airport terminals!) If your job entails you to write reports, budgets or other tedious task, flights are a good time to get this work done and out of the way too.

Airline travel is pretty quick, but time sometimes time can feel as if it is standing still when you’re flying. There are many ways to help make this time go by faster and you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi to do it. Find an activity you love to bring along and, before you know it, you’ll feel those jet wheels opening and your plane touching the ground.

What types of activities do you like to bring along when you are on holiday travel?

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