Paper Art Perfection of Jeff Nashinaka

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For over three decades now. Los Angeles based artist Jeff Nishinaka, employing the simplest of tools – from a round wooden dowel for curving edges, through art knives, tweezers, cutting mats, French curves & triangles and a mechanical pencil –  has been shaping paper in the creation of fantastic artworks.

Not that paper use in art is anything new, but to see the work of such an exemplary craftsmen is not only a tremendous pleasure but also a chance to see foe oneself just what a testament to his ability his wonderful 3-D artworks are. A great many manufacturers of products with household names have commissioned him to produce work for them over the years.

In America alone he has created stunning commissions for Toyota, American Airlines, Bloomingdales, toy makers Mattel, Playboy and the iconic Coca-Cola company, as well as producing art works for Disney. Many of his sculpted images can be found in the home of film star Jackie Chan – owner of the biggest private collection of Nashinka work on the planet.

This amazing artist especially loves that extra dimension, given by light and shadow, that he feels is offered to him by pure white paper, bur many of his fabulous productions also come in colour. Be the work involved an incredibly detailed eye structure medical illustration or even a life-size hotel garden, the attention to fine detail is staggering, something this, undoubtedly the premier paper sculpture artist alive, insists upon at all times.

It is difficult at times, upon seeing his work, to remember that in fact it is two-dimensional, because the most most intricate sculptures, full of hidden depth through skilled layering, and effective use of subdued lighting, can lead the observer to think they are looking at a 3D representation of whatever the subject matter is.
One could be forgiven for believing that the materials involved in these quite incredible creations might be marble or perhaps Styrofoam, but in truth he only ever uses 100% Cotton Vellum paper, because he requires that his works do not discolour or deteriorate with age. The artist within him had his pick of different aret media, but his affinity with paper quickly became evident, so he began trying different things with it.

This gifted man may need as much as several months, or only a few days to finish whatever masterpiece he is currently creating, and the size if individual works can be from several square yards to only a few square inches, but whoever he works for, from  Paramount Pictures to Harvard Medical School, his clients can be confident that what they will receive from him will be fine art at its very best, because he is such an awesomely talented man.  

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