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If you want to learn how to read palms, your own or your friends, then this palm reading guide will teach you all you need to know about the practice of Palmistry. People decide to learn how to accurately read palms for many reasons, many people believe that palmistry is a way to predict the future while others learn purely for entertainment purposes. No matter which reason you have decided to learn, the aim of this article is to get you familiar with all aspects of palm reading from the basics such as the different lines of the palm to the more in depth forms of readings

The palms of the hand are often referred to as road maps to your life and palmistry has been practiced throughout the world for about 2000 years. Palms have been used by many to get an insight into your life path, everything from the types of career you choose to the type of relationships you build, your talents, health, love life and family.

Reading Palms – Hands

When it comes to reading palms, the size, shape of the hands must also be taken into account, as this is the first thing you will notice when you are reading someones palm it is good practice to get to know what characteristics these show. Below is a quick palm reading guide to hand sizes and shapes, if you want to learn how to read palms you should memorize these first.

Different Hand Sizes and Shapes in Palm Reading

  • Small hands indicate an energetic character and leadership qualities.
  • Medium sized hands show a person who has the ability to take on any task, a person who is capable of doing many different things well without specilizing in any particular field. These are the “Jack of all trades” hands.
  • Large hands show someone who likes order and attention to detail.
  • Wide hands indicate a person with a synpathetic and kind personality, good natured and caring, a diplomatic person.
  • Narrow hands show a person who can be quite critical and see’s fault in others.
  • Square shaped hands show a person who uses common sense and reason.
  • Pointed hands shows a spiritual person who may be idealistic in nature.
  • Spatulate hands (fingers that bulge at the tip) shows a person who may be materialistic but also practical and hardworking,

Palm Reading Guidelines


Beginning Palm Reading – The Fingers and Mounts

A skilled or professional palm reader will examine the entire hand before turning the hand over to read the palm. After they have assesed the shape and size of the hand itself the will then look to the fingers, each finger for the purpose of palm reading has a name, these are:

  • Index finger = Juipter
  • Middle finger = Saturn
  • Third finger = Apollo
  • Little finger = Mercury
  • Thumb = Venus

They will take into account the shape, size and length of the fingers, in relation to each other and any knots, bends or quirks in the fingers. At this stage the hand can be turned over to view the palm. Under each finger on the palm is a mount of the same name. The palm has 8 mounts altogether, to remember each, start from the little finger on the right hand (mercury mount) and continue clockwise.  The mounts in this order are, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Juipter, Lower Mars, Venus, Moon, Upper Mars.

The position of the lines of the palm are significant when read with the mounts, the location of the lines in relation to the various mounts, the position of the lines, the markings on both the lines and the mounts and any smaller lines or branches that connect any of the above, so it is important that when reading palms everything is taken into account.  Below are the major lines of the palms and the markings that can be found.

Reading Palms – The Basics of Palm Reading

Many people think that reading palms means that you only look at the lines and grooves in the palm of the hand, however if you want to learn to read palms with accuracy then you need to know that this is not all that should be taken into account. Not only are the lines of the hand important but the positions of the lines, the mounts between the lines and so on. The best way to think about palm reading is to look at the palms as you would a map of the world.

There are six main lines that you should learn about first, these are the major lines and each represent different aspects of the person being read.

Palm Reading – Major Lines

  • Heart Line – the heart line in palm reading deals with the emotions, relationships and love.
  • Head Line – the head line in the palm is used to indicate the type of career a person may be drawn to, their intellect, success and abilities.
  • Life Line – the life line of the palm does not indicate how long a person will live as many believe, rather it shows the quality of the life, physical and any potential time frames that may indicate periods of ill health.
  • Mercury Line – the mercury line also relates to health matters as wells as business matters
  • Apollo Line – the Apollo line relates to how creative you are and how well you can use your creative talents for success.
  • Saturn Line – This line is to do with your strengths and weaknesses and how well you can cope with everyday life.

These are the main six lines in the palm of the hand and are primarily used to determine an overall view of the personality, character and health of the querant.


Palm Reading Guide – Markings on the Palms

There are many different markings used to read palms and the different markings relate to the line they are near, so not only do you read the lines when reading palms but you must also take into account the various markings that near or cross the lines.  Each symbol or marking has a meaning of its own and it is when that meaning is taken in context with the nearest line that we get a clearer image or reading.  These are the symbols most common in palmistry and are known as configurations.


  • Line Breaks – breaks in the lines of the palms are common, a break suggests a weakness of some kind.
  • Chains – these can signify that you may make a wrong decision or take the wrong path in some way.
  • Branches signify strength
  • Islands show delays or problems and sometimes injury
  • Crosses can show a struggle, mistake or big change
  • Triangles are considered lucky in some cases or can indicate delays
  • Stars also show strength and luck
  • Squares are another sign of strength
  • Circles can be either talents and abilities or health problems
  • Quadrangles are to do with personality traits
  • Branches show strength
  • Grilles and tassles are obstables or struggles.

Similarly to reading body language, no one symbol should be read on its own, rather it should be read with the surrounding area and lines in mind, for instance a circle on the palm can have two meanings and should be read in context with the surrounding symbols and line to make an accurate assessment.

Palm Reading Guide

As you can see the practice of palm reading is something that takes practice and skill as well as extensive knowledge.  It takes time to develop the skills needed to read all the configurations of the palm if you want an accurate reading.  However unlike other fortune telling methods, psychic abilities are not necessary for reading palms.  Many things can be discovered by on the human body simply by knowing how to read the signs properly, which is what the art of palmistry is about.  

In a similar way that people read body language, our bodies can tell a great deal about our lives. Our body changes and shows signs that can be picked up, for instance we can often tell, simply by looking at a combination of features and signs on the face of our loved ones that they are feeling unwell or are about to “come down with something” we can tell also when people are perhaps not looking after themselves as well as they should, as these are all things that show in the eyes and complexion.  A skilled palm reader can tell many things from reading the palms of the hands.

To go into detail about how to read the combinations of all of the aspects of palm reading would take an entire book to write and is much better understood with the help of illustrations and visual guides.  I hope that you have gained some insight into how palmistry works and why it works and there are many in depth books available that can help you to further find out how to accurately begin palm reading.

Palmistry As a Career Choice

If you are considering palmistry for your career then there are a few basic palm reading guidelines that you should be aware of.  Professional palmistry can be draining both physically and emotionally, often times people need to talk to someone and release their worries and fears, your job as a palm reader is to help people, honestly. A palm reading should be about encouraging the client to develop their skills and positive traits buy pointing out the abilities and talents that you can see in their reading.  Advise and listen without judgment or criticism.  Half an hour is regular for a reading and if you are just starting out you should not over extend yourself, a career in palmistry may sound like an easy option at first, but to be a good palm reader you need to study and know your art.



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