Painting Bricks – Isn’t it a Wild Idea?

By definition, bricks are small, rectangular products made of clay that are fired or sun-dried. They are used in masonry to give the internal or external walls of a house or a building an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Bricks are red as they come out from the factory. Because of this, questions have been raised time and time again whether it is alright to paint these products as it can be quite monotonous to see bricks in the same color and appearance everywhere. 


Bricks are colored red to signify that they are hardened by fire or heat. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot paint them to be able to present them with a new look once they are laid on your internal or external walls. Like ordinary walls, bricks need to go through a preparation process to be able to absorb and hold paint that lasts. 


How to Paint Bricks or Brick Walls


In order to ready the bricks for painting, you need to clean them free from dirt, moss, molds and mildew with the use of a pressure washer. After washing, you need to leave them for a while to give them time to dry. Once dry, apply a full coat of masonry conditioner primer on them. The primer penetrates deeply into the bricks to make them stronger and more resistant to water and moisture. After the primer has gone dry, apply two coats of high quality acrylic masonry grade paint with the color of your choice, and your job is finished. The process of painting bricks is actually as simple as that.


Is the Process Different for Interior and Exterior Bricks?


You might be wondering if the process of painting varies for interior and exterior bricks. Actually, there is no difference in the process whether your bricks are laid in the interior or exterior walls of your structure. The most important thing is you must be sure to clean the bricks thoroughly to make sure that dust, molds or other foreign matter are removed before the painting process begins as these can affect the feel and integrity of the painted surface.


Are There Any Ideal Paint Colors for Bricks?


You can actually use any color you want to paint bricks as long as they are masonry grade paint. The most important thing you should focus on is the preparation. It can really have a big influence on the end result of your painting project. And by the way, you should also paint your grout when painting your bricks. It will definitely help to give your walls a show of your great aesthetic taste. Just don’t forget to hire professional exterior or interior painting contractors to ensure a beautiful, high quality finish.


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