Outdoor Enclosures for Indoor Cats


My Black and White Cow Kitty Exploring Outdoors

Photo by: K. Dalessandro

Outdoor enclosures for indoor cats are phenomenal. After all, imagine never being able to go outdoors. Sitting next to a screen door or gazing through an open window just isn’t the same. Indoor cats want to bask in the sunshine and breathe fresh air, and they want to see what the world has to offer, even if their world doesn’t extend beyond the back patio. Outdoor enclosures especially for cats can satisfy the desire to escape, and they can greatly improve the cat’s quality of life by providing a little variety. Consider a big catio for indoor cats. They can be set up on a patio or in the grass, and they will keep your four-legged family member safe from the hazards that outdoor cats typically face.

Finding a Good Location for Your Cat’s Outdoor Enclosure

Before beginning your search for sturdy outdoor enclosures for indoor cats, it’s important to make sure that you have an ideal location. Although hammocks and make-shift roofs block the sun, it is best to find a shady location. Cats can become overheated. For best results, the ground should be level. Placing the enclosure close to your house is also recommended since you will be able to keep a closer eye on your kitty.

The Best Outdoor Enclosures for Indoor Cats

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The Kittywalk Town & Country Pet Enclosure

Some of the biggest outdoor play areas for indoor cats are made by Kittywalk Systems Incorporated. The Kittywalk Town & Country Pet Enclosure provides about 30 cubic feet of protected outdoor play space for kitty. It also provides lots of fun and relaxing things to do. It includes four sturdy hammocks for your cat to climb and relax upon, and it has durable canvas roofing. Multiple Kittywalk Cat Enclosures can be attached to create a big outdoor play space for cats. As you can see from the photo, it is a roomy, fun and a safe way for cats to go outdoors.  

It Will Last for Years with Proper Care

Now that you know where to get durable outdoor enclosures for indoor cats, keep in mind that they must be properly stored when unused for long periods of time. Some people have complained that after a few seasons in the sun, their cat’s outdoor enclosure began deteriorating. Sun, wind, rain and sudden temperature changes are hard on all sorts of outdoor items, not just cat enclosures of specific brands and kinds. For best results, keep your cat’s play yard in a covered area when not in use. Kittywalk offers a protective cover that fits the Town & Country Enclosure. It is not required, but if you don’t have a covered area for storage, it is well-worth the added expense since it can help your cat’s play area last a whole lot longer. 

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