Online Safety Advice for Parents

In today’s era, the internet is considered an indispensable tool in business, school, work, health, and other various industries. It levels the knowledge playing field for everyone, since almost all people can access the same data at the same time. However, while very useful, the internet may pose risks to people, particularly for children. With their long hours of internet usage, it’s highly possible for them to be exposed to inappropriate content. This is why it’s recommended for parents to monitor your children’s activities online and provide guidance whenever possible. Here are some tips to help keep your child safe online.


Participate in your child’s world.

Many parents are hesitant to guide their kids online, simply because they are not that well-knowledgeable in using computer and the internet. Being informed and taking part in your child’s world are both good to help you keep your kids safe online. If possible, aim to learn the basics of using internet – you can even talk to other parents or attend seminars to be able to meet people who may have the same issues like yours. You need not be an expert at online stuff; just the basic will do so you can relate with your child when you’re talking to him about internet safety.


Start the talk early on.

There’s no other deal time to talk with your kids than right at the beginning when they start using the internet. They may not be that receptive to your tips and lessons, but constantly reminding them of their responsibilities and some basic ground rules on their internet usage can help them be more cautious when surfing the web. Just remember you need not cover everything at once – just provide tips and guidance every once in a while and try to make yourself updated of current online practices and issues so you can properly warn your kids about these.


Take advantage of technology.

Let’s face it: you can’t always monitor what your kids do online. Apart from being a tedious task, your child still deserves a little privacy when he surfs the web. However, you can utilize modern tools to monitor your child’s online activities without interfering too much in his online world. There are now blocking, monitoring, and even filtering programs you can use on your internet-ready devices. Check with your internet service provider for availability of these services and features.


Educate yourself.

The internet is a constantly evolving tool, that’s why it’s essential for all of us to be aware of the latest trends, practices, and even threats to our online safety. Learn with your child, and be able to explain things clearly for him so he can be more responsible with his own actions when using the web.


Cite examples.

A lot of kids are naturally stubborn, so sometimes simply telling what to do and what not to do wouldn’t work. It’s important to provide examples whenever possible so they can also learn through other people’s mistakes.


Remember: there will always be dangers involved in every modern tool that we use, but that doesn’t mean this is a reason for us to prohibit children to use the internet. What we should focus on instead is the proper and more constant information and guidance, so the kids will be well-guided online without restricting them too much in their usage.

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