Online Communities have gone sour

Online Communities have gone sour

If you do play video games with other players, that would mean you have at least came across some kid who constantly whined all the time. You may or may not have argued with him, but the person was sure mighty angry at a stranger! That is the problem with online communities nowadays, and that goes for society. (I got an article coming up for that topic.) Instead of the usual mature players that would say GG, or good job, we now have screaming and crying kids that swear at a very premature age. So I will list all of the reasons online communities are terrible.


Oh dear, the kids are actually the worst of them all. You have met at least one kid if you play with random people on an community. Do you believe that kids should swear, or even play a 18+ game? It is sad on how these parents operate, because that is really how they corrupt their child. Overall, most kids can do so many things, if I listed them all I would have wasted the resources of the remaining trees in the world.


There is a difference between an accused hacker, and a real hacker. A real hacker literally puts out actual things that give them advantages. An accused one is one that is more likely skilled to the point it seems like hacking. Hacking is a very annoying process that can actually ruin the fun out of the game, as that also can go to the hacker. They may have infinite ammo, or god mode, etc. Hacks can come from many sizes, from so minuscule to the point were you wanna throw your console out the window. Also, did I forget to mention that these hacks can take your account away?

The “rest”

Trolls, squeakers, Mic DJ (a person who plays music through their microphone), etc. They are all annoying, to where each of them have a different way to yell at them to shut up. But all it does is make the flame literally stronger, and the only way to put it out is with water. Trolls are people who love to see people get angry, which is more like a leech trying to draw out blood, and no one wants their blood drawn unless they had to. You can’t exactly be in different communities for 7 days (not specific groups, like streamer communities.) and not see a single troll.


I believe that there is likely no way to get rid of all the bad parts of the apple, when there are too many bad parts. The only way to really get rid of one group – the kids, is by taking away the game they really shouldn’t be in. And a better way is to monitor them, more moderators so that the trolls won’t be able to troll without getting punished, and much more. Overall, it just takes more resources in order to get rid of a problem. If you owned a major game, such as Call of Duty, what would you do to make sure that the people I listed wouldn’t appear?

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