Online Chaos oh my

See anytime we try to elevate in some way. Some won’t be so thrilled. That’s alright. What’s not alright is being harassed and bullied but there’s so many ways to deal such situations. Take proof of the harassment and bullying. Take notations of names and dates. No one has to deal with the online or offline nonsense. Someay not realize the seriousness of their actions but no matter what. It’s important to keep moving. 

There will be lots of people who will try to discourage a vision, dream, or idea. So many people have faced dealing with naysayers. Naysayers will boo from the sidelines. Perhaps even dish out threats but the words can not not a dream. We have to remember that not everyone will be accepting when it comes to advancement. That’s a good sign. Of course when bullies are trying to chase us down. We may not see their howls as something good. It is because they’re disagreeable nature demonstrates that we’re n the right path. 

The only one who can stop a dreamer from dreaming and putting the dream to work is the “dreamer.” That’s right. No amount of criticism or taunts should stop a purpose. We’re all gifted in some way and we have every right to allow our gifts to shine. Anyone trying to dim the “light” is doing a disservice to themselves. Too many people stop dreaming because they’re afraid of the critics. The critics will criticize that’s what they do. It’s important to continue the journey despite the circumstances. 

Some will never accept what others have to offer and besides one’s vision isn’t or everyone. We will learn that what God has given His children is to be cherished and we must protect the gifts. Sometimes we’ll have to hide the steps so that we can protect the dream. Of course some will want to know every move but if we expect progress then we can not allow anyone to stop what is designed for us. Meaning everyone who has a dream should protect the dream. 

Embrace the vision and it’s important to surround ourselves with like minded people. Dealing with the online antics isn’t easy. In fact sometimes just logging on can be annoying but if we stop them the regrets will settle in. A purpose can come to life if we just think about the good. The negativity will be there but the vision should be the main focus. 

No one can live for others. Some will try to control whatever we put out. Some may even what to take away what others work for. If we’re determined enough then we’ll fight to kerp the dreams and visiom alive. No amount of attacks or bullying should take the confidence away. Haters will hate but we should always put love in the work. 

Here’s,a Post About Toxic People. We’ll Have to Deal With the Individuals at Some Point on the Journey.

“Keep the Vision and Dream Alive by Removing the Toxins.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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