Online and Technological Harassment

Just suffering online can incur some for of harassment. There’s a lot of unstable folks who are just dying to go to jail. Some “not considering” the words in which are given to the ones harassing. No person should tolerate harassment. Any person who continues to harass another should be reported. A person has a right to live safely and comfortably. If persons are told to not send harassing messages through devices then the persons should stop. If the police take action then the persons can be sued and charged. Some will go as far as to threaten the person or persons in order to obtain whatever it is they’re trying to gain. 

Using technology can be risky. Not everyone will put their devices to good use. Some continue to troll others because of revenge or some other reason not all making sense. It’s pretty annoying to receive all sorts of insulting messages through a device. The persons should be reported and there should never be any tolerance when it comes to being harassed. “Leave me Alone” The me=Tanikka Paulk. Imagine being harassed on and offline. 

The best thing to do is to take “notations” of when the harassment occurs, names, and dates. Some just don’t understand when they’re told to stop harassing others. Social Media is a platform where a lot of trolling takes place. Some go to social media and blast others. The reason why some of the trolling and harassment takes place is because of individuals wanting to gain. Gain what? For some the reasons could  have something to do with money or power. Eventually the actions will suffer the appropriate consequences. 

The harassment is sometimes taken further. Some will use other individuals to harass the person or persons. Use of deceptive tactics in order to cause disruptions in a person’s life. The abuse shouldn’t be tolerated. Any person who continues such actions “could be unstable.” There’s a lot of people who experience harassment, bullying, and bashing. The attacks are a means to overpower a person or persons. 

Individuals should be called out when committing such injustices. Some do so out of spite and envy. Not knowing how to channel their emotions, No person should have to continuously tell another to stop harassment. “In some cases restraining orders must be obtained.” A lot of celebrities know what it’s like to be harassed, bullied, and bashed. Some matters have to be taken to court. There are some social media sites that take bullying very seriously. 

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