One may Never know by Looking

There’s so many individuals who live their lives comfortably or let’s say very basic. Some may not guess what’s hidden above or below. There are some very wealthy people who live simple lives. Not spending very much just living their lives freely. There was a couple who became millionaires. The couple survived The Great Depression. Although the couple was wealthy the couple lived as if there wasn’t much at all. The couple was eating beans in a can and not spending very little. Due to their experience with The Great Depression, the couple never stopped being in “survival mode”, but was quite wealthy. 

There’s a lot of people who are wealthy but not too many people are aware of their wealth. Some are quite secretive about what’s owned and their funds. Older people tend to save better and have many different hiding places because of their experiences. Any person who has been through slavery will probably behave as if they’re still experiencing slavery at times. Remember my great grandmother behaving as if she was still in slavery times. 

Sometimes they’ll think about “the experiences” and start to behave as if they’re still in those times. There’s some individuals who will shop at stores like the thrift shop and Salvation Army but have plenty of money. The ones who don’t spend monitor their money closely. Imagine being given a jar full of coins that added up to two thousand dollars. That’s what one of my Aunts received as a gift from her husband. Some pretending as if there’s little money at all. 

Even some billionaires will dress down so they’re appearing to be well off. The focus is on investing and saving for their children, grandchildren, or other relatives. Some grew up poor and even when wealth is generated they’re still living as if there’s not much at all. Perhaps some may not want others to know they’re wealthy and to be real can’t really blame the individuals. My grandmother would store money in all sorts of locations and it’s “understood” why. 

So some may not be aware of a persons “position.” Looking on the outside and assuming that some families are extremely poor. Of course there will be relatives who will have more or less than the others. A lot of people have received their wealth from relatives passing down the funds. My great grandmother received a lot from the families she worked for. Mrs. Kate was a very wealthy white woman. She wrote a book that was dedicated to me= Tanikka Paulk. 

Her husband was a doctor and her sons were lawyers. Lived a large in Coral Gables. There was money before the husband became a doctor. The family loved my great grandmother but there was “a family” who still lived as if the slavery was happening. My great grandmother did give the family a piece of her mine of course. My great grandmother was considered to have some wealth. As well as other family members. She was always giving and giving lots of money away. 

She was always “blessed” with lots of money. Some would drop off money and my great grandmother would open up the envelopes and scream. It’s amazing there’s actually some people who give graciously. Of course she also put out a lot of money but believed in paying what she wanted because she would say, “Can’t Take Money With you,” which is true. 

“Some may Quickly Judge a Book by its Cover but be Surprised as to What’s Discovered.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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