Oh Sorry not in the Business to Please Everyone

Some feel as if a person has to cater to all. Not true. What we do with our lives is our own business and who’s the say what a person should do with their own business? Some continue to step their boundaries not realizing they’re placing themselves in a court battle. There’s a saying to “Mind Their Own Business.” Not Mine. Not trying to be rude here but some people just don’t understand where their place is. If a person has a business and is their own boss then the person or persons have a right to conduct their business as the individuals see fit. There is also a choice to make “personal decisions” such as a relationship or lasting friendship. 

Too many invasive people. Not knowing when to butt out. Keep “stepping” in a situation and be stuck in it. If individuals make a decision to do business or to connect in some way then that’s their choice. How many Mama’s and Papa’s huh? Appears to be a lot. There will come a time when lawyers will have to address such issues because some act as if they have no understanding whatsoever. My business. Thanks. Try to be civilized and there will be some who will keep pushing and pushing. 

How do we get others to understand we’re not appreciating their invading in our lives. Well, expressing so and if their unwilling, then there may need to be some legal avenues taken in order to get the work done. If a person wants to go across the world it’s their “choice.” If a person decides to make a change such as marriage or divorce it’s certainly their decision. Too many people are minding other people’s business and personal lives. 

Pretty annoying and whenever there’s a new decision here comes the mob. Some so focused on “finding” out what’s going on and missing their own opportunities. Imagine a gang of people invading in a business venture. Messing up the whole business. What to do? Contact the lawyers and let the lawyers deal with the individuals and if they’re not willing to listen lawyers then perhaps law enforcement. Never allow others tear down a business or any other matter. 

Some aren’t understanding until the door slams in their faces. A couple of communications and the whole world loses their minds. A “new move” and they’re trying to rip the move apart. Can’t do one single thing without half the world trying to take part in it. My goodness. What a unsettling situation. If more people mind their own business then they’ll be better off. 

How many times can one explain how annoying it is to keep invading in their business? The problem is just about everyone wants things their way. Instead of communicating effectively they’ll try to ruin whatever is going on. No one has a right to rip apart a person’s business. The choices we all make is something we’ll have to deal with. No matter if the choices are right or wrong we still have a right to make our own “decisions.” 

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