Now, Scotland Voting Yes for Independence, Worries me a Little.


A tongue-in-cheek view of the prospect of Scotland actually voting YES, to independence:
The Scottish independence bandwagon has been rolling happily on for over 12 months now. It would seem for most of us Sassenachs, to have been passing us by without, from most, a second thought.

I guess the fact I’m a born and bred Welshman who, when not abroad, has spent his time living and working in England, has something to do with it. On top of which, spending the last 13 years in Spain has only compounded that indifference, until this week.

This week I awoke one bright sunny morning to a horrible thought. They might actually do it. But why should I worry? They’re a clannish nation in the extreme, many still buried in the depths of the past with their ‘them and us’ mentality. Them being Catholics and us being Protestants, or vice-versa. Of course such bigotry seldom surfaces these days, unless it’s on the terraces of Glasgow Rangers or Glasgow Celtic football teams.

Or unless on a holiday isle such as this one; arriving at their apartment to dump cases and bags, before hunting out their nearest Scottish bar. Nearest that is, depending on the name. Scottish bar names have far greater significance than do English ones. Names like ‘Hoops’ or ‘Bluebell’, ‘Whisky Jar’ or ‘Ibrox’ denote which of the ‘them or us’ use which bars.

From a personal point of view I’ve got to start thinking seriously about where to end my days. With all the positive changes to the Scottish Social System, should they win the vote; plus the changes they will be allowed to make if they lose, it’s a win, win situation.

Maybe a small log cabin in the Scottish Cairngorms will be a better bet than a council flat in deepest Hampshire. Certainly the photographic opportunities would be better. When a man gets to a certain age these things have to be seriously considered. Would I even be allowed to go there?

My writing, I can’t remember the last time I wrote England. United Kingdom, UK, Brit, Britain, they role easily off the keyboard, we won’t be a United Kingdom anymore, and how can England be Britain all on its own. Scottish_and_British_flags

Maybe language won’t be too much of a problem should Independent Scotland decide to go back to Gaelic. Many of the bars I have used and worked in out here have been Scottish owned. Some of my closest friends in the expat community hail from Bonny Scotland.

Ask any Englander, (is that a word?) who has had the misfortune of finding himself involved in a conversation with a group of partying Scots. He will tell you that most of his contribution to the conversation will be: Eh, what, sorry, as he tries to de-cipher what the Scots loosely term English. And it gets worse the greater the amount of vodka and coke they consume. Yes, surprisingly vodka, rather than whisky, is the preferred tipple of most Scots.

The politicians in Westminster seem to have done their best over the last few weeks to help push the Yes vote through. From total indifference to what may be about to happen, to rushing about like headless chickens when they suddenly realised it might. They haven’t fooled anybody. And certainly haven’t done the NO cause any good.

So as an old Sassenach with no axe to grind, can I just say this. Have things really been that bad since we first joined forces in 1707? Living together, fighting together and dying together. We’ve embraced each other’s lives and lifestyles. Laughed together and cried together. Cursed each other as we do, and pulled together when we’ve had to. Does all that really count for nothing?

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By The Laird of Oldham [CC-BY-SA-2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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